Monday, September 15, 2008

Web of Deception by Emilie Rose

Web of Deception by Emilie Rose

ISBN: 9780373768943 (#1894)

Nadia Kincaid had been living in her father's Dallas penthouse apartment due to his will. It stated for her and her brothers to inherit she must take a leave of absence from her job with the family business, move to an unknown city, live off a monthly allowance, have a curfew and get her driver's license in one year. If she didn't follow those rules, they would lose everything to her father's biggest rival. Daddy didn't like the turn Nadia's life was taking so he thought he would continue to try to control her from the grave. Nadia became quite bored living in the penthouse with no job and not much money. She learned to cook and clean up after herself but she'd made a pest of herself with the many visits to the businesses in her building and gotten banned.

Hearing a noise in the hallway, Nadia opens her door, hoping to find her long lost neighbor finally home; she was lonely. What she didn't plan on seeing was her dead husband of eleven years. She thought he had died in a car accident on their wedding day along with their unborn child. Lucas Stone was shocked to see his ex-wife in the doorway across the hall. He had been paralyzed from the waist down and Nadia's father conned him in to taking a bribe to divorce her so he wouldn't be a burden to her and his family. Having recovered from the paralysis, Lucas focused on revenge against Nadia's father.
Could this meeting be accidental or a well thought out plan by Nadia's father? And could Nadia and Lucas find their way back to each other after all the hurt feelings and emotional scars of the past eleven years? I have to say I enjoyed this book and could hardly put it down once I began to read it. I could really understand why Lucas had taken the money from Nadia's father. Nadia was just a spoiled little rich girl who had begun to reach out for her full potential when she met Lucas then all was lost and she didn't know what to do. Her father was a major manipulator all her life even from the grave. This is book 3 in a three part series called The Payback Affairs. But this book stands alone without reading the other previous books. I will not miss out on the other books though as I will be going back to read them as well.

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