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Roped by Ann Jacobs

Roped by Ann Jacobs (Heart of the West - book 1)

ISBN #9781419912672

Sexual dominant Jared McTavish returns from war a wounded man, missing part of his leg. He figured he'd never be able to satisfy any submissive with part of his body missing. He's haunted by his dreams of a submissive woman with the face of his nurse, Ninia. But the nurse he knows is not like the submissive in his dreams until he catches her in a vulnerable moment.
Ninia Barker, a widowed submissive, sees in Jared the master she needs to fulfill her life again and when he's released from the hospital, she asks a friend to send him an invitation to a local dungeon. Accepting the invitation, he arrives and spies Ninia waiting for him to supply her with his dominance. He now knows she is what he's been craving all along and that he's the man to satisfy her pleasure.
If you're looking to read a story of BDSM that is not real hardcore, this is the book for you. It shows a relationship between two passionate people that are drawn to each other out of necessity and quickly turn to love. You feel Jared's pain as he deals with the loss of his leg and what he thinks this loss does to his manhood and Ninia's, as she finally says goodbye to her deceased husband of four years and lets herself become a part of another man. This is a captivating short story and I look forward to reading the next in the series.

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Take Me Out by Gabrina Garza

Take Me Out by Gabrina Garza
ISBN-13: 978-1-60272-135-7
Ty Parker, independent pro baseball player, has strived to hide his sexuality and keep his private life separate from his teammates. He's even got a "girlfriend" but his life has always been missing something. So when his roommate is injured and replaced by a new player, it turns his world upside down. From the moment he lays eyes on Jaegar Wise, Ty can only think of him and what he could do with him.
Jae Wise joins the team temporarily, replacing an injured player and can't deny his attraction to his new roommate. When they come off the road, Ty's girl London invites Jae to stay with them for the week he'll be in town and that's all it takes for Ty and Jae to move beyond teammates. But now where does this leave them?
Together Ty and Jae make a sizzling pair and this is an extremely hot story. They're attracted to each other but feel they must keep their true feelings hidden for fear of being ostracized by the baseball community and the game they love. Ty and Jae's chemistry makes for a great read and I look forward to reading more by Ms. Garza.

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Target of Deception by Jennifer Cole

Target of Deception by Jennifer Cole

Originally published through Dark Eden Press (currently not published)

Alexis Ranier began stripping when her life turned upside down. She needed a lot of easy money since she was having to pay for the cost of keeping her brother in a nursing home on life support and caring for her niece. One night after she was finished stripping, a police detective tells her he's been assigned to protect her. She doesn't trust cops now that her brother, a former police detective was shot and left to die while on assignment. Slowly, she begins to trust Adrien with her niece and her heart.

Adrien Spence was assigned to watch over stripper Summer Rain (Alexis Ranier). He's was never told by the police chief why he must watch over her but as time goes by he finds himself wanting to be closer to Alexis and her niece. Then the chief stops the assignment saying her life is no longer in danger. When Adrien questions him further he admits he's been trying to get some evidence that Alexis may have in her possession to help find her brother's assassin. Should Adrien help the chief or risk losing Alexis if she finds out what he doing?

Target of Deception is an exciting story. Alexis is a smart mouthed heroine and I really like her attitude when she calls Adrien "cop." Adrien is a sexy man who can protect me any day. Miss Cole kept me intrigued throughout the book and the sex is hot and never boring. If this book is ever published again, read it and you'll be as thrilled with the story as I was.

Tequila Truth by Mari Carr

Tequila Truth by Mari Carr

ISBN: 1-60504-218-8

Kylie Halston has been playing the game of Tequila Truth, with her roommates Colt and Heath, since they were freshmen in college. They pour shots of Tequila, ask a question and truth is the only exceptable answer. On Heath's 25th birthday, he asks what everyone's ultimate sex fantasy was. Heath has a bondage fantasy, Colt a spanking fantasy but Kylie's fantasy combines the two. She wants a menage with two men that includes bondage and spanking.
Six months later, the guys are still thrown for a loop by Kylie's declaration but don't have the courage to act on it until Kylie puts herself into several dangerous situations. After the last one, they propose to Kylie one no-holds-barred, anything you want sex weekend starring them. Will they be able to go back to just friends when the weekend is over or will any of them want more?
What a hot story this one was? I love friends turning in to lovers stories and this one doesn't disappoint. Colt and Heath are two men that combined together would make one perfect alpha male. Kylie shows a vulnerability but puts her men in their place. Mari Carr was a new author to me and after reading Tequila Truth, I'll be seeking out more of her stories.

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Spanish Topaz by Regina Carlysle

Spanish Topaz by Regina Carlysle
ISBN #9781419918667
When Graciela Fuentes got a phone call from old friend and lover Cash Carter to return home, she wastes no time in getting there. He told her he'd found something she'd be interested in since she is an art curator. Gracie has always been close to Cash, even as a small child growing up on his family's ranch where her parents worked. Gracie would sneak into Cash's room after her vivid dreams would awaken her; he was her safe haven.
Cash vowed to never let Gracie go again once he got her back home. But then he produces the topaz-studded danger he found in the creek bed and what he knows suddenly changes when Gracie touches the dagger handle. Appearing before them is Miguel de Castillo, a Spanish conquistador. Gracie realizes the voices and the dreams she has are of his long-dead bride and knows she must do whatever she can to reunite their souls once again, even at the expense of her own and what it could do to her relationship with Cash.
Regina Carlysle has become an autobuy author for me. I hadn't even read the blurb of this book before I bought it. What a surprise I got when: a) I was reading it and it flowed right into a menage and b) it was a paranormal. I haven't read a great deal of paranormals so I was pleasantly surprised with this one. I really couldn't figure out while reading how Grace and Cash were going to work this out and keep it all together. Regina kept me captivated with Cash and Gracie's hot sex and then with the introduction of Miguel, the sex was even better. Regina, you did it again!

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Hump Day Hotties

I love a man with a hairy chest. Running my fingers through it playfully is something I love. I just don't understand young girls today who like the no hair look.

Cowboy and the Thief by Lora Leigh

Cowboy and the Thief by Lora Leigh (A Wish, A Kiss, A Dream anthology)

ISBN: 1-4199-0081-1

Publisher: Ellora’s Cave

In Jack Riley's travels, he's searched for something elusive to him. While visiting Ireland, he's offered ownership of an ancient Torque. Legend has it the Torque must be owned by an Irish lass but worn by the man of her heart. It's been passed down through the same family for ages. At first Jack has no desire to own such a piece until he meets the daughter of the man selling the Torque. It's supposed to be bequeathed to her since the death of her mother. But Mr. Manning decides to sell and Angel is fit to be tied.

Angel Manning knows the legacy is hers because of her dreams in the night but how will she get it back? She decides the only way is to break in to Jack's home and steal it and Jack grabs her before she can find it. She pleads with him to give up the Torque to no avail and he bribes her to stay with him or go to jail. What's she going to do now that Jack won't give it up? And she's afraid if she stays long she'll lose her heart to Jack but gain nothing in return.

Cowboy and the Thief is another great short story by Lora Leigh. Jack and Angel have great chemistry and if they're not fighting, they're making love. It's a recommended read.

Special for Vicki

Here you go Vicki, hope you can save it now for the project.
He's a hot cowboy!

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Cowboy and the Captive by Lora Leigh

Cowboy and the Captive by Lora Leigh (Cops and Cowboys anthology)

ISBN: 1419952021

Publisher: Ellora’s Cave

Luc Jardin had a grudge against Maria Angeles since she almost got his friend Jack and him killed. He's been seeking revenge against her ever since so he decides to kidnap her with the help of her brother Joe. But unbeknownst to him, Maria has a twin sister, Melina.

Melina's family (except for Joe) has forced her to live in her older sister's shadow. She's paid the price more than once for her sister's mistakes and the last time almost killed her. So when her parents ask her once again to take her sister's place, she can no longer risk her life; she wants more. What she wants is Luc Jardin, the man her sister came close to killing with her drug deals.

Melina met Luc when he came to her parent's to inform them about their daughter and what she'd done. While he was there, her parent's introduced her as Maria. She was made to portray her sister then and Luc had no idea there were two Angeles daughters. Now to make Maria see the error of her ways, Luc has kidnapped her. Melina tries to tell him who she really is but Luc doesn't believe her. After all, she's lied to him before. Little things force Luc to see that everything's not quite what they seem and he's determined to find out what's going on and who he's falling in love with.

This was another good story by Lora Leigh, not quite in the league of the Bound Hearts series, but good none the less. Melina is a fighter after what she's been through with her despicable sister and parents. Luc is just the man to finally love her as she deserves and thank goodness for her brother Joe to get her out of the clutches of Maria.

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