Thursday, November 13, 2008

Loving Lies by Lora Leigh

Loving Lies by Lora Leigh (Men of Summer series)

ISBN: 1-59998-056-8

Publisher: Samhain Publishing

Slade Coulter has wanted Jessie from the time she was 16 years old and shared a dance. From that moment on, he considered her his although he knew he must wait until she was of age to claim her fully. The weekends in Loudoun, Tennessee were filled with drinking, fishing and all around good fun as everyone camped around the riverbank clearing and Jessie's 21st birthday was celebrated on one such weekend.

Jessie Benton loved Slade for as long as she could remember and on the occasion of her 21st birthday, she decides the time had come to seduce him and make him hers forever. She stows away in the back of Slade's RV when he takes off in it to his quieter camping place. When he finds out she's with him, he can no longer control his desire for her and they spend a whirlwind weekend of sex and loving together. He's ready to make his full commitment to only her.

But when Slade arrives home to grab some clothes before heading back to Jessie's for dinner and "dessert", his whole world is turned upside down. Although he was partner in a construction company, he'd been recruited, while in college, by the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security to infiltrate a family of arms dealers. He'd thought the case had fallen apart and was over but when he arrived home he found his partner Amy Jennings and his handler from DHS waiting for him. The case was back on and they needed to go back undercover. He had no choice but to comply or put Jessie and the rest of his friends in jeopardy if the arms dealers found out who he really was. So Slade goes to Jessie and lies to her about why he no longer wants to be with her; he tells her she is too young for him.

Five years later, Slade is back; the case is finally over with the arrest of the arms dealers and death of his partner Amy (whom he had to marry as part of the case). Jessie hasn't moved on; she lives in his apartment, owns his RV, wears his clothes. But when she sees him, she's still so hurt, she can't give him another chance to break her heart all over again or could she? And Slade has never stopped thinking of Jessie; she was the reason he made through those long five years. He has to find a way to overcome the obstacles and win Jessie's heart all over again.

Loving Lies is a wonderful book that had me laughing at the supporting character Jazz, crying over the heartbreak between Jessie and Slade. I was aggravated with the fact that Slade should have told Jessie as soon as he was back exactly what went down during the time he left and returned instead of waiting for the right time. I do hope Lora Leigh continues the Men of Summer series; I'm highly anticipating Jazz's story.

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