Sunday, November 23, 2008

Target of Deception by Jennifer Cole

Target of Deception by Jennifer Cole

Originally published through Dark Eden Press (currently not published)

Alexis Ranier began stripping when her life turned upside down. She needed a lot of easy money since she was having to pay for the cost of keeping her brother in a nursing home on life support and caring for her niece. One night after she was finished stripping, a police detective tells her he's been assigned to protect her. She doesn't trust cops now that her brother, a former police detective was shot and left to die while on assignment. Slowly, she begins to trust Adrien with her niece and her heart.

Adrien Spence was assigned to watch over stripper Summer Rain (Alexis Ranier). He's was never told by the police chief why he must watch over her but as time goes by he finds himself wanting to be closer to Alexis and her niece. Then the chief stops the assignment saying her life is no longer in danger. When Adrien questions him further he admits he's been trying to get some evidence that Alexis may have in her possession to help find her brother's assassin. Should Adrien help the chief or risk losing Alexis if she finds out what he doing?

Target of Deception is an exciting story. Alexis is a smart mouthed heroine and I really like her attitude when she calls Adrien "cop." Adrien is a sexy man who can protect me any day. Miss Cole kept me intrigued throughout the book and the sex is hot and never boring. If this book is ever published again, read it and you'll be as thrilled with the story as I was.

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