Monday, December 29, 2008

Dangerous Boys and Their Toy by Shayla Black

Dangerous Boys and Their Toy by Shayla Black

ISBN: 9781419916885

Police detective Cameron Martinez and bounty hunter R.A. Thorn are on the search for Curtis Lawton. He's the star witness in a major criminal case and Thorn put up the fifty grand to bond him out of jail. Their search leads them to Lawton's secret love nest where they find the lovely Brenna Sheridan. At first, they believe she's his mistress but something about her tells them otherwise, she knows things about him she's not telling.

Thorn thinks the way to get information out of her is to seduce her but he quickly draws Cam in to the scenario; Thorn's wild and Cam's sensitive. Just what Brenna needs to accomplish what she hasn't been able to ever, orgasms. But once they've all shared, they find it difficult to stop themselves; they crave each other. Thorn has always tried to hold himself aloft from everyone and keep them from getting too close. Brenna has never felt loved by anyone after being abandoned as a young child. Now Cam sees more than what either of them thinks and he's the one to help them break through their barriers.

Shayla Black always writes a very hot read. When I started this one, I couldn't put it down. The characters are real. I felt so much for Thorn and what he'd been through since childhood. I wanted to climb right in and take care of him myself. Brenna's loss of family at such a young age, contributed so much of her adulthood and what she needed in life. And Cam, the glue to hold them all together. This is an exceptional story that will get you really hot and bothered, especially if you love a menage!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Bare Devotion by Lacey Thorn

Bare Devotion by Lacey Thorn (Bare Love series book 4)

ISBN: 9781419914058

Ally Samms comes to the town of Legacy in search of the person who killed her mother and her mother's lover,The Messenger, a serial arsonist/murderer. While at the last house he torched, she thinks if she could get some clues to figure out how to stop him and that is where she meets the fire marshal, Blake Summers. Within an instant, the flames of desire ignite between the two and they begin an affair that threatens to burn them both alive. Could Ally have really found someone that completes her and give her the family she'd always longed for? And what about Blake? He thought he'd never trust another woman again after his ex-wife had nearly destroyed him.

Catherine Daniels has devoted herself to her family all her life especially after the death of her husband two years prior. But she's still a young woman capable of love and she's fallen in love with Roman Davis. Roman's tired of hiding his relationship with Rin and wants it all out in the open. She could lose him if she doesn't come forward and tell her children but if she does would she lose her children instead with the truth?

I love, love, love this series by Lacey Thorn. It has all the elements that make a great romantic suspense story; passion, sexual tension, anticipation. Both Ally and Blake were new characters just introduced in this story and you become captivated with them right off the bat. Returning characters of Catherine and Roman are a delight as well as old favorites from the previous and future books. I really look forward to the next book in this series and kudos to Lacey Thorn for another job well done.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Mistress Christmas by Lorelei James

Mistress Christmas by Lorelei James (Wild West Boys series)

ISBN: 978-1-60504-274-9

Holly North lets her friend talk her into filling in as Mistress Christmas, who's out sick, at her Christmas themed strip club. This is so unlike her, being an accountant, so she dons a mask hoping no one will recognize her. The anonymity of the mask along with the costume provides her with the perfect solution to act out of character.

Nick West, cowboy turned detective, arrives at Sugar Plums strip club hoping to catch Mistress Christmas in the act; the act of drugging and robbing another man just like she had his friend. But when he sees Mistress Christmas, the attraction between them dances out of control and he forgets his main purpose of being there. He returns the next night hoping for a little more Christmas cheer and she lets him in on her Christmas wish, one night of sexual abandon with him. Of course, that's his wish as well.

Their time alone provides them with the perfect opportunity to come forth with their secrets. But they find themselves falling deeper for each other and they both know when the night is over, their emotions will be stripped bare.

Lorelei James does it again, one hot, sexy read. You become entranced with the characters and involved in their lives. Nick is a sexy man I wouldn't throw out of my bed. Accident prone Holly is a mess but with Nick, it doesn't matter. I think he's even more entranced by it. It's nice to catch another glimpse of our beloved McKays through their cousins, the Wests. Keep 'em coming Lorelei.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Boyfriend for Hire by Missy Lyons

Boyfriend for Hire by Missy Lyons

What with running the Washington Press newspapers, Angelica Heart didn't have time for a boyfriend and with her mother interfering in her love life, she needed to do something. So why not hire a boyfriend to take home, if only for the Christmas weekend?

Bradley Pennington, shows up on Angelica's doorstep to let her know his brother, would be breaking his date with her. When he arrives, he's got an ulterior motive since he's running for U.S. Congress. He knows who she is but does she know who he is and is that why she was hiring his brother. But when he sees her he decides to play along and get to know her better.

This read went by way too fast. I wanted more and felt there could have been a more indepth story here. Angel and Brad are meant for each other but the relationship starts out on a lie which is never good. If you're looking for a short quick story, this is a good one.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Who's Been Sleeping in My Bed? by Jami Davenport

Who's Been Sleeping in My Bed? by Jami Davenport

Ebook ISBN: 1-60601-043-3
Trade Paperback ISBN: 1-60601-115-4

Jake Reynolds discovers a woman sleeping in his bed when he returns home from a trip. Then what's he do but hire her as his assistant for his construction office. His wealthy family thinks he's reverting back to his bad boy ways when they meet her. He doesn't agree with them in the least but she does turn him on.

Harlee Davis doesn't realize when she sneaks into Jake's house that her friend Rose no longer owns the house. She been through a lot lately, a lost job and a lost boyfriend, and just needs somewhere to get her bearings to figure out where to go with her life. Harlee accepts Jake's offer of a job and place to live even though she's attracted to him.

When Harlee finds out Jake will be destroying Rose's camp to build condo's, she decides to do whatever she needs to stop him. And Jake can't give in to Harlee's wishes regarding the camp, since the project would get him back in his family's good graces especially since they could lose everything. But all the while, their sexual attraction builds to a culmination of desires neither one could deny.

This book was a great read, suspenseful, enticing, romantic. Even though they're at crossroads, you want to see Harlee and Jake beat the odds and come together with a solution about the camp. The chemistry between them is passionate and sizzling. The secondary characters held my interest and added great dimensions to the story. I know more stores have got to be in the making and eagerly await them.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Santa's Helper by Yvette Hines

Santa's Helper by Yvette Hines

ISBN 1-59426-581-X

Nicole has been in love with David, the son of the family who owns the department store she's worked at for several years. At the same time she's been fending off the advances of his older brother. Their mother has taken to depending on Nicole for everything, including wearing a too small elf costume as she helps with the Marco's Christmas Eve party. Her night goes from bad to worse when she learns David will be moving out of state and opening up a new family store and then her car won't start.

Business oriented David Marco has had his mind on more than business lately; that being the lovely Nicole. He's wanted her for a long time but kept his distance. He decides not to let his chance pass him by any longer when her car battery dies and she needs assistance. Giving her a ride home isn't the only ride he wants to give her.

This short holiday story is enough to perk up the senses. You feel for Nicole as she tries her best to keep her distance from the older brother but longs for David and his heart. And the sexual tension between Nicole and David sizzles. You'll love this story.

Bound By the Past by Mackenzie McKade

Bound By the Past by Mackenzie McKade (Ties That Bind Book 2)

ISBN: 1-59998-945-X

Jessica Evans controls every aspect of her life. The bedroom is the only place she's willing to give it up, but even then she makes the choices. Multiple partners is one way of keeping her distance and not getting emotionally involved. But she never counted on one cowboy, Wade Peterson, to cut through those emotions and now he wants to marry her.

Wade is stunned by Jessie's rejection of him cause he knows she cares for him. He realizes he'll have to go easy or he could lose her forever. Help comes in the form of Jessie's friend, Clancy; a man whom he shares her with. Clancy and Jessie had made a pact to never marry when they were young.

Then Jessica's past comes back in a big way and along with it someone she never knew existed. And she gains the insight in to the future that never knew she longed for. And Wade is there to help her with her realizations until she decides to take a chance at love.

What a wonderful book this was. Poor Jessie has had a difficult life since childhood and doesn't know how to trust anyone. Wade, what a man! He's everything Jessie needs, her saviour. This is the first book by Mackenzie McKade that I've read and I'll definitely be reading more.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Trapped in the Storm by Kelley Nyrae

Trapped in the Storm by Kelley Nyrae
ISBN: 978-1-60435-195-8
Stephanie Bridges tries but can't seem to stay away from her ex-boyfriend, Luc Carr, especially since she's the town carpenter and he owns the local hardware store. Where else can she get supplies without driving 40 miles away? He hurt her when he broke off their relationship and she's never forgiven him. She hopes to make a quick trip in to the store to pick up some wood when a monster storm blows up and she ends up trapped with Luc until the storm ceases.
Luc has never forgotten what Stephy feels like and he wants her back. If only he could get past the defenses she's built around herself. Maybe being trapped together during the storm is their chance at finding their way back together and he'll do whatever possible.
Kelley Nyrae writes a wonderful, little story that pulls you in quickly. The sexual tension between Luc and Stephy is hot and you want so much for Stephy to give Luc another chance. Misconceptions broke them apart and it's nice to see them overcome their doubts. You won't be disappointed by this short read.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Rough Stock by Cat Johnson

Rough Stock by Cat Johnson

ISBN # 978-1-60202-159-4

Mason Smith and Clay Harris noticed how their friend went from little girl to smokin' hot babe and wanted to keep their distance and libidos under control. After all, this was their boss's daughter but then April returns home from the prom with a torn dress, bruises and a busted lip. They take matters and justice into their own hands and when they return to the April's afterward, she gives them her reward, herself.

April Carson has fallen in love with her best friends, Mason and Clay but she would never be able to choose between them. Even though she knows it's wrong, she enters into a sexual relationship with both of them. But at the end of the summer, life sends each of them in different directions, April to college, Mason to the military and Clay on the rodeo circuit.

Tragedy strikes several years later bringing them all back together. Each of them have been hurt by the loss of contact and deceptions that have spiraled out of control. Now it's time for the truth to bring back what time split apart.

Rough Stock is an exceptional story of friendship, lost love and healing. Cat Johnson's first forage in to menage was well written and keep me enthralled in the lives of Clay, Mason and April.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Lassoed by Ann Jacobs

Lassoed by Ann Jacobs (Heart of the West book 3)

ISBN #9781419915697

Matt Rogers is willing to do anything for Diana McTavish. She's his first love but she turned down his proposal when they were young. She needed to finish raising her younger brothers and he was off to college and a football career. She didn't want to hold him back. Now 22 years later, he decides he'll play submissive to her Domme if that's what she wants from him.

Diana McTavish needs to be a Domme after having been a submissive to an abusive Dominant ex-husband. She's spent a year in therapy to overcome what's been done to her in the past and thinks becoming a Dominant is the way for her to go so she's in control. When she sees her teenage boyfriend Matt, a man who's always had a piece of her heart, she scared to take a chance at love again. Then they're snowed in together for a few days and Matt shows her he's the man she can trust with her life, love and future.

Matt was such a sweet man to give Diana what she needed. It was so understandable how she needed to reclaim herself after her abusive past. Sometimes vanilla is the way to go. This is the third installment in the Heart of the West series and you'll see exactly what true love is all about.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Bound by Love by T.A. Chase

Bound by Love by T.A. Chase

ISBN: 1-60504-259-5

Tyler Newsome has been living life on the rodeo circuit but he's grown tired of it and always taking care of his selfish twin J.T., who believes Tyler's life should continue to be devoted to him.
When he gets home he runs right into neighbor Ren, whom he's always had a thing for. He made the mistake of telling J.T. about how Ren turned him inside out before and J.T. took advantage of the information and started his own affair with the cowboy.

Ren Alston, neighbor to the Newsome family, has wanted Tyler since he was young. But being the older man in this situation, he knew he'd have to wait until Tyler was grown and came to him. Ren made the mistake of dating J.T. a few times but only as a substitute for Tyler, which he realized was a huge error in his judgement. J.T. was nothing like Tyler. Ren and Tyler quickly become involved in a passionate affair that they know they must hide due to the prejudices that could come about in their ranching community.

I loved this book. Tyler is a very likable character and you want him to realize his dreams of a life with Ren. Ren's life has been a difficult one with his war background and baggage that continues to hang on. You want them to find happiness together with all the problems surrounding their brothers. My heart goes out to Ren's brother Keith and Tyler's father was so cool. And J.T. needs a good man to put him in his place.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Hitched by Ann Jacobs

Hitched by Ann Jacobs (Heart of the West book 2)

ISBN: 9781419915635

Keely has spent many years of her life taunted by her peers for the life her mother lived as a submissive. After Keely's dominant father died, her mother married an abusive dominant who mistreated her. Keely, who learned she was submissive too, vowed to never be dominated this way so she wouldn't be taunted or embarrassed. She joined Roped and Lassoed, the local BDSM so she could get her submissive fix without committing herself to one master.

Brad McTavish, owner of Roped and Lassoed, wants one submissive and that submissive is Keely. He's ready to settle down and commit himself to one woman but Keely is a hard one to convince. How is he going to break through her barriers and get her to take him as the man to love her for the rest of her life. When they get snowed in together during a blizzard Brad decides this is his opportune time to show her what life would be like with him as her man.

This is the second book in Ann Jacobs Heart of the West series. Brad hooked me with his gentle way of dealing with Keely's insecurities and hangups from her teen years. Keely learning she could really trust in Brad and his love makes a person believe in love. Now I'm looking forward to reading the final story in this wonderful series.