Monday, December 15, 2008

Bound By the Past by Mackenzie McKade

Bound By the Past by Mackenzie McKade (Ties That Bind Book 2)

ISBN: 1-59998-945-X

Jessica Evans controls every aspect of her life. The bedroom is the only place she's willing to give it up, but even then she makes the choices. Multiple partners is one way of keeping her distance and not getting emotionally involved. But she never counted on one cowboy, Wade Peterson, to cut through those emotions and now he wants to marry her.

Wade is stunned by Jessie's rejection of him cause he knows she cares for him. He realizes he'll have to go easy or he could lose her forever. Help comes in the form of Jessie's friend, Clancy; a man whom he shares her with. Clancy and Jessie had made a pact to never marry when they were young.

Then Jessica's past comes back in a big way and along with it someone she never knew existed. And she gains the insight in to the future that never knew she longed for. And Wade is there to help her with her realizations until she decides to take a chance at love.

What a wonderful book this was. Poor Jessie has had a difficult life since childhood and doesn't know how to trust anyone. Wade, what a man! He's everything Jessie needs, her saviour. This is the first book by Mackenzie McKade that I've read and I'll definitely be reading more.

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