Monday, December 1, 2008

Hitched by Ann Jacobs

Hitched by Ann Jacobs (Heart of the West book 2)

ISBN: 9781419915635

Keely has spent many years of her life taunted by her peers for the life her mother lived as a submissive. After Keely's dominant father died, her mother married an abusive dominant who mistreated her. Keely, who learned she was submissive too, vowed to never be dominated this way so she wouldn't be taunted or embarrassed. She joined Roped and Lassoed, the local BDSM so she could get her submissive fix without committing herself to one master.

Brad McTavish, owner of Roped and Lassoed, wants one submissive and that submissive is Keely. He's ready to settle down and commit himself to one woman but Keely is a hard one to convince. How is he going to break through her barriers and get her to take him as the man to love her for the rest of her life. When they get snowed in together during a blizzard Brad decides this is his opportune time to show her what life would be like with him as her man.

This is the second book in Ann Jacobs Heart of the West series. Brad hooked me with his gentle way of dealing with Keely's insecurities and hangups from her teen years. Keely learning she could really trust in Brad and his love makes a person believe in love. Now I'm looking forward to reading the final story in this wonderful series.

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