Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Mistress Christmas by Lorelei James

Mistress Christmas by Lorelei James (Wild West Boys series)

ISBN: 978-1-60504-274-9


Holly North lets her friend talk her into filling in as Mistress Christmas, who's out sick, at her Christmas themed strip club. This is so unlike her, being an accountant, so she dons a mask hoping no one will recognize her. The anonymity of the mask along with the costume provides her with the perfect solution to act out of character.

Nick West, cowboy turned detective, arrives at Sugar Plums strip club hoping to catch Mistress Christmas in the act; the act of drugging and robbing another man just like she had his friend. But when he sees Mistress Christmas, the attraction between them dances out of control and he forgets his main purpose of being there. He returns the next night hoping for a little more Christmas cheer and she lets him in on her Christmas wish, one night of sexual abandon with him. Of course, that's his wish as well.

Their time alone provides them with the perfect opportunity to come forth with their secrets. But they find themselves falling deeper for each other and they both know when the night is over, their emotions will be stripped bare.

Lorelei James does it again, one hot, sexy read. You become entranced with the characters and involved in their lives. Nick is a sexy man I wouldn't throw out of my bed. Accident prone Holly is a mess but with Nick, it doesn't matter. I think he's even more entranced by it. It's nice to catch another glimpse of our beloved McKays through their cousins, the Wests. Keep 'em coming Lorelei.

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