Monday, December 15, 2008

Santa's Helper by Yvette Hines

Santa's Helper by Yvette Hines

ISBN 1-59426-581-X

Nicole has been in love with David, the son of the family who owns the department store she's worked at for several years. At the same time she's been fending off the advances of his older brother. Their mother has taken to depending on Nicole for everything, including wearing a too small elf costume as she helps with the Marco's Christmas Eve party. Her night goes from bad to worse when she learns David will be moving out of state and opening up a new family store and then her car won't start.

Business oriented David Marco has had his mind on more than business lately; that being the lovely Nicole. He's wanted her for a long time but kept his distance. He decides not to let his chance pass him by any longer when her car battery dies and she needs assistance. Giving her a ride home isn't the only ride he wants to give her.

This short holiday story is enough to perk up the senses. You feel for Nicole as she tries her best to keep her distance from the older brother but longs for David and his heart. And the sexual tension between Nicole and David sizzles. You'll love this story.

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