Thursday, January 29, 2009

No Going Home by T. A. Chase

No Going Home by T. A. Chase

ISBN 1-59578-256-7

Author's Website:

Randy Hersch heads home after a rodeo accident to recuperate or at least the place he used to call home, his father's ranch. After arriving he meets neighboring rancher, Les Hardin who arrived to collect his land rental payment of one of their foals. Randy is surprised when Les takes a blind, cripple foal. When Randy and his sister deliver the the foal and it's mother to Les, he can't believe how attracted he is to the older man.

Les Hardin show-jumping career was cut short when his horse's hoof hit him in the head during a fall. His lover rejected him and after six years rebuilding his health and his life, he meets Randy Hersch. After Randy's visit home is cut short by his disapproving father, Les invites him to recuperate on his ranch. During the month long stay, they embark on a passionate affair where Randy becomes at ease with who he really is. But what will happen when Randy returns to his rodeo life?

A beautiful story! Poor Randy has denied who he is his whole life until he meets Les who helps him become true to himself. Les went through so much and he finds it difficult to trust with his heart but Randy breaks through. They are perfect together. T.A. Chase does an amazing job with these characters and you won't want to miss out reading this one.

Monday, January 26, 2009

To Do List by Lauren Dane

To Do List by Lauren Dane (also part of the Holiday Seduction anthology)

ISBN: 1-59998-876-3

Anthology ISBN: 978-1-59998-959-4

Author's Website:

Belle Taylor has her entire life mapped out. When a goal is achieved, she marks it off her to do list. She's beginning to become disenchanted with her high powered life as a San Francisco attorney. Not having a vacation for a year, she decides it's time to go home and see her family and rethink her life. The minute she arrives, she sees Raphael Bettencourt, her brother's best friend. She's known him since she was four years old and been in love with him for a long time.

Rafe kisses Belle under the mistletoe, something he's wanted to do for a very long time. And staying with her brother at Rafe's house gives him the opportunity to show her how much he wants to be and stay part of her life. They quickly become almost inseparable. But what will happen when it's time for Belle to return to her job and San Francisco? Or will Rafe head to the top of her to do list?

Another winner from Lauren Dane. Her stories are enchanting. Rafe and Belle's sharing of their fantasies was hot. You won't want to miss this heartfelt tale.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sweet Charity by Lauren Dane

Sweet Charity by Lauren Dane

ISBN: 978-1-60504-273-2

Author's Website:

Charity Harris has wanted Gabe Bettencourt for a very long time. But eight years ago, they had a disastrous one-night stand and after awhile of steering clear of him, they eventually became friends again. All Gabe wants to be is friends but Charity keeps asking herself why, what's wrong with her? Finally, Charity coaxes Gabe back to her bed and the sex is out of this world.

Even after the great sex, Gabe insists he's not good for Charity and doesn't think she'll be able to handle his darker side and needs. But she quickly shows him she's not the innocent he's always felt she was. So he decides to keep her until she finds what he thinks is the right man. Charity knows the right man for her and that's Gabe. And convincing him will be fun!

Lauren Dane has written a wonderfully endearing story of friends turned lovers. Why is it that men always think they know what's best for a woman and their heart? That's Gabe and Charity has to set him straight. I enjoy every book of Lauren Dane's I read and this one was the second book about the Bettencourts so I'm off to now read the first one.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Our Man Friday by Claire Thompson

Our Man Friday by Claire Thompson

ISBN: 978-1-60504-377-7

Author's Website:

Cassidy Luke has been in love with her business partner, roommate, Ian for years. At one point, they were lovers but felt relationship was better just being friends. She meets Kye McClellan at the bar one night and over drinks, shares the tail of her fledgling business. Kye' background was accounting and he extends his expertise to her, in exchange for a place to stay for a few days.

Jewelry maker Ian Tanner, afraid of commitment, has kept his distance from Cassidy but with the arrival of Kye, he finds himself wanting to be close to her again. Cassidy remains in love with Ian even as she beds Kye and Ian is charmed by Kye, as well. Passion succumbs between the three of them but Kye becomes restless and leaves Cassidy and Ian. Not wanting to lose Kye, they must find some way to bring him home.

Claire Thompson has brought us a wonderful story of three people with basic emotional fears. The sensuality and passion makes for a sizzling relationship among the three. I will be checking out more of Claire Thompson's books.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Slade and Kally by A E Rought

Slade and Kally by A E Rought (Book 1, Letting Go of the Reins series)

ISBN: 978-1-60504-246-6

Author's Website:

Kally Jensen left everything in Michigan behind, in particular her abusive fiance. She could no longer take what he was dishing out. With the help of her sister's money, she climbs in her car and heads to the place he's least likely to find her, her friend in Wyoming. Losing her wallet, Kally figures she can save money by driving through but ends up lost in a snowstorm and the icy roads cause her to wreck, turnin over her car in to a ditch. Thinking help has to be close, she takes off on foot and ends up falling in to pond. Numb from the cold and shock to her system, she succumbs to unconsciousness.

With the cattle restless during the snowstorm, ex-police officer Slade Carlson decides to saddle his horse and check things out. He comes across an unconscious girl at the edge of the pond on his family's ranch. He feels an instant connection to the beautiful woman when he pulls her into his arms. All he knows from that moment on is his need to protect her and get her the help she needs to keep her alive.

Kally knows when she wakes in the hospital that she can't leave Slade. At first, it's just the need to repay him for his help but then something deeper blooms between them as they work together around the ranch. And what happens when something sinister comes looking to crash their happiness?

This is a beautiful story of friendship, love, and trust. The kindness and thoughtfulness Slade shows Kally makes him the kind of man any woman could ever hope to have in their life. He knew from the moment he saw her she needed extra special care since coming from an abusive relationship. Kally kicks ass and takes names, in particular an ex-girlfriend of Slade's. If you're looking for a sweet romance, don't miss Slade and Kally.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Cowboy Up by CJ England

Cowboy Up by CJ England

ISBN: 978-1-60168-178-2

Author's Website:

Sierra Rawlings has wanted her neighbor Dalton Grant for years and after one night of explosive passion, she has him until he tries to control her. Thinking he'll be just like her deceased father, she turns away from him and works at running her ranch.

Dalton doesn't realize what made Sierra run from him three years ago. He was all ready for forever with Sierra but she left him high, dry and puzzled. The summer rodeo brings them back together showing them the passion hasn't died away.

Finally, Sierra and Dalton begin to come to terms about their relationship. But before they can admit their feelings, a situation arises that could pull them apart forever. Will they be able to come to a solution or let their anger and stubbornness get the best of them?

Cowboy Up was an extremely passionate story. Sierra has been controlled all her life and she's putting a stop to it. If it means losing Dalton forever, then she'll risk it. Dalton's just a little slow on the upsweep but when he catches on, he'll do anything within his power to win Sierra back. Sierra and Dalton have a sizzling sexual chemistry and you won't want to miss this heartfelt tale.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Take Me Again by Mackenzie McKade

Take Me Again by Mackenzie McKade (book 2, Wild Oats series)

ISBN: 978-1-60504-360-9

Author's Website:

Dolan Crane spies a beautiful stranger at his friend's party, but before he can meet her, he's called away on an vet emergency. The next morning he sees her again but not in a good way, she's the new veterinarian in town and now he's competing for business with her. To get his mind off his problems, Dolan's friend asks him to get in on a menage.

Tracy Marx is relocating, starting a new practice and trying to liven up her lousy sex life. Her ex-husband didn't like any variety and she's bound and determined to make it better. When she sees her friend Rowdy, he asks her if she'd like to have a threesome with him and his friend. She's all for it.

Tracy and Dolan don't realize they're the other person in the menage until they come face to face. Their animosity proves to be quite the foreplay and they can't keep their hands off each other. Dolan and Tracy share a night of passion that leaves them wanting more. But are either one brave enough to seek the heaven waiting in each other's arms?

Dolan Crane is one heart-stopping sexy cowboy and he's found his match in Tracy. They're perfect for each other and they're sexual chemistry is blistering hot. Mackenzie McKade's menages are one in a million and you won't want to put this book down once you start reading.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Take Me by Mackenzie McKade

Take Me by Mackenzie McKade (Sins of Summer anthology)(book 1, Wild Oats series)

ISBN: 1-59998-592-6

Author's Website:

Cord Daily has been the object of Caitlyn Culver's affection for years and never let him know her feelings. But then she caught him with her best friend and hurt, she left town to live with her mother in Paris for a couple years. Now she's back and plans to win him, no matter what, starting with tying him up, arousing him then leaving him wanting more.

Caitlyn's wealthy father threatened to ruin Cord a few years back if he came sniffin around his daughter. But now Cord is wealthier in his own right and he's giving in to his desire to have Cait. He can't get her out of his mind and after the incident in the barn, revenge is what's on his mind. With the help of his cousin, Dolan, he gets her right where he wants her, in his bed.

So after the night of their dreams, what will happen? Dolan's falling for Cait, Cait's hurt by Cord's accusations, Cord thinks Cait was using him to get his racehorse. How are they ever going to figure this whole mess out now without falling apart?

Mackenzie McKade has written another steamy menage. Sexy cowboys are a specialty of hers and you won't want to miss this sizzling hot short story .

His Sweet Obsession by Tess MacKall

His Sweet Obsession by Tess MacKall

ISBN: 978-1-60313-487-3

Author's website:

Addy had pined away for Jack since she was a small child, just waiting to become of age and win his heart. On her birthday, she spies him and her aunt in a compromising position and runs away from Texas. But now fifteen years later, she's back on the ranch after the death of her aunt. She felt betrayed before and now after the reading of the will, she's fit to be tied. Stipulations are that she must keep the ranch for five years and then give Jack first chance at buying it before anyone else.

Jack Colter has lived and worked the Double Eagle Ranch for the majority of his life. And he's been in love with Addy for a good many of those years. He's been waiting for her to return since she took off so many years before. Now that she's returned, she flat out tells him her life is in New York and can't wait to get back there. And she'll find some way to break the will. Now his goal is to find some way to keep her on the ranch.

His Sweet Obsession is a wonderful passionate story. I laughed. I cried. Tess MacKall has a gift of digging in to the depth's of a character's emotions so you feel like you personally know these people. And you'll find yourself rooting for Jack and wanting to knock some sense into Addy. This is a beautifully sweet romance from the heart.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Bound For the Holidays by Mackenzie McKade

Bound For the Holidays by Mackenzie McKade

ISBN: 1-59998-387-7

Author's Website:

Angie Clarke was all set to spend the holidays alone since her family was out of town. At the Christmas party, her new boss invites her to spend the night with him. Their attraction is wickedly hot and wants him with all her being. But when she said yes, she never realized he'd be fulfilling all her fantasies; one being a menage with her, him and a sexy cowboy.

Ryan Tyler has shared women many times with his friend, Wade but this time is different. He finds himself wanting to keep Angie all to himself. But he gives in to the decadence of the night to give Angie what he thinks she wants. But will one night be enough or will he want more?

Bound For the Holidays was a sizzling hot read but ended a little too soon for me. Angie and Ryan were sparkling together. And just the hint of Wade leaves you wanting more of this sexy cowboy who turns up in the sequel Bound By the Past. Mackenzie McKade has written a spicy little story here.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Burn by Anne Rainey

Burn by Anne Rainey

ISBN: 978-1-60504-352-4

Author's website:

Ally Ryanaldo confesses her love for Blake Steele, her high school sweetheart, the night he takes her virginity, then all her dreams go up in smoke. Blake leaves her and their small town to head to New York City to make it big.

Ten years later, Ally hears from Blake; he's back in town and wants to spend time with her. Still hurting over the way he dumped her, she tries to avoid him. But in the long run, Ally knows she still loves him so she comes up with a plan and the plan involves her bi-sexual friend, Heather. Heather helps Ally show Blake her very naughty side. Now Ally's unsure of whether she's lost Blake for good when jealousy pops up.

Another scorching hot read by Anne Rainey. The menage scene is full of erotic pleasures that will have your blood flowing and heart pounding. Burn is a sensual novella with reunited lovers who have a passionate sexual chemistry. I highly recommend this spicy, naughty story!

Down and Dirty by Desiree Holt

Down and Dirty by Desiree Holt

ISBN 978-1-906811-32-7

Author's Website:

Krista North decided to go along with her friend to a barbecue at the home of cowboy Clint Brody. Being new to the area, she'd seen his picture in the paper with socialites hanging off his arms but never met him personally. While at the barbecue, a lady spilled a drink on her so she ventured into the family room to clean herself up.

Clint Brody spied Krista the moment she showed up at his barbecue; she was different than the other women hanging around and he had to find out more about her. When she went in the house, he followed her and found her wiping her top off. He suggested a shower would help get the sticky drink off her and he'd be more than happy to help with the cleanup.

Krista can't deny the attraction she feels for Clint and goes ahead with the shower. But while they're showering, Clint's friend, Shane appears and that's when it really gets down and dirty.

Desiree Holt writes a tantalizing short story. Two hot cowboys fulfill all of Krista's fantasies and she lets her inhibitions run wild. Clint is the ultimate sexy cowboy and with Shane's help, they burn the pages up.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Unexpected Mr. Right by Kelley Nyrae

Unexpected Mr. Right by Kelley Nyrae (Book 2 Friday's at Luciano's series)

All Tabitha Harris had wanted since childhood was to find her Mr. Right, her one true love. But along the way, she'd had her heart broken over and over. Now here she was facing womanizer, Nico Valenti, who was the consummate heartbreaker. How was she going to steer clear of him? He was handsome, available, smooth, but she couldn't risk her heart to him. She wasn't getting her heart broken again.

Nico had been trying to get close to Tabby for months, ever since she and her friends had been coming to his cousin's restaurant every Friday night. They'd even shared a kiss but that quickly ended when one of his women interrupted them. Could he help how much he loved women and they loved him? If only he could get Tabby out of his mind. In Nico's quest to spend time with her, he proposes they have a friends only relationship. So they have fun, flirt, then let their desires run wild. Now could either keep their emotions from ruling their hearts after their attraction runs deeper?

Unexpected Mr. Right is the sequel to Getting Lucky at Luciano's. Tabby and Niko and their entire array of friends and family are real characters you'll welcome in to your heart. Privileged Tabby has had everything her entire life she'd ever wanted except the feeling of being loved, something I could totally relate to. And Niko...handsome, sexy, desirable, Italian, oh my! But he's so much more... sensitive, funny, adorable. I quickly fell in love with him. Oh, to have a Niko in my life. This is a wonderful, captivating story I whole-heartedly recommend.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

No Sex Necessary by Jane Beckenham

No Sex Necessary by Jane Beckenham

ISBN: 978-1-60435-115-6

Cole Charteris hires Tara Palmer, after she answers an ad to pose as his fiancee. He needs her to close a lucrative business deal and keep him out of the clutches of a maneater while she needs money to take care of her ailing father. One condition of the contract they sign is NO SEX! But Cole is more than willing to overlook that little clause. Perfect right? or will they end up falling in love?

Cole has tried to stay as far away from the word marriage as possible. His parents were poor examples for him and he made himself a promise he would never fall in love. Tara has been married once before to a mentally, physically and verbally abusive man who ran her father's company into the ground and lost all their money. He constantly told her she wasn't any good at sex. Everything is going along fine until the maneater and ex-husband join forces against them.

Jane Beckenham writes some interesting characters. Both have been through much in their lives and it's difficult for them to give their trust to others. I wanted to reach out and smack both the intruders to the relationship. If you're looking for interesting, complex characters, this is the book for you.