Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Cowboy Up by CJ England

Cowboy Up by CJ England

ISBN: 978-1-60168-178-2


Author's Website: http://www.cjengland.com/

Sierra Rawlings has wanted her neighbor Dalton Grant for years and after one night of explosive passion, she has him until he tries to control her. Thinking he'll be just like her deceased father, she turns away from him and works at running her ranch.

Dalton doesn't realize what made Sierra run from him three years ago. He was all ready for forever with Sierra but she left him high, dry and puzzled. The summer rodeo brings them back together showing them the passion hasn't died away.

Finally, Sierra and Dalton begin to come to terms about their relationship. But before they can admit their feelings, a situation arises that could pull them apart forever. Will they be able to come to a solution or let their anger and stubbornness get the best of them?

Cowboy Up was an extremely passionate story. Sierra has been controlled all her life and she's putting a stop to it. If it means losing Dalton forever, then she'll risk it. Dalton's just a little slow on the upsweep but when he catches on, he'll do anything within his power to win Sierra back. Sierra and Dalton have a sizzling sexual chemistry and you won't want to miss this heartfelt tale.


CJ England said...

Thanks Barb! I'm glad you enjoyed the story. Since I was in rodeo it was fun to relive the "glory days". *smile*

CJ England

Lucynda Storey said...

Can't say for sure, but I'm fairly certain that Dalton would easily match some of the cowboys you have on the main page. He was one hot, hot man.

Seriously, CJ did an awesome job of the emotional conflict in this story, and I think Dalton is like a lot of men...I believe you said "Slow on the uptake" and I know a lot of guys like that.

It's a terrific read.


Barb said...

CJ - You're very welcome. Cowboys are a favorite of mine.

Lucynda - thanks for stopping by. Most guys seem to have the problem of being slow on the uptake. lol