Friday, January 23, 2009

Slade and Kally by A E Rought

Slade and Kally by A E Rought (Book 1, Letting Go of the Reins series)

ISBN: 978-1-60504-246-6

Author's Website:

Kally Jensen left everything in Michigan behind, in particular her abusive fiance. She could no longer take what he was dishing out. With the help of her sister's money, she climbs in her car and heads to the place he's least likely to find her, her friend in Wyoming. Losing her wallet, Kally figures she can save money by driving through but ends up lost in a snowstorm and the icy roads cause her to wreck, turnin over her car in to a ditch. Thinking help has to be close, she takes off on foot and ends up falling in to pond. Numb from the cold and shock to her system, she succumbs to unconsciousness.

With the cattle restless during the snowstorm, ex-police officer Slade Carlson decides to saddle his horse and check things out. He comes across an unconscious girl at the edge of the pond on his family's ranch. He feels an instant connection to the beautiful woman when he pulls her into his arms. All he knows from that moment on is his need to protect her and get her the help she needs to keep her alive.

Kally knows when she wakes in the hospital that she can't leave Slade. At first, it's just the need to repay him for his help but then something deeper blooms between them as they work together around the ranch. And what happens when something sinister comes looking to crash their happiness?

This is a beautiful story of friendship, love, and trust. The kindness and thoughtfulness Slade shows Kally makes him the kind of man any woman could ever hope to have in their life. He knew from the moment he saw her she needed extra special care since coming from an abusive relationship. Kally kicks ass and takes names, in particular an ex-girlfriend of Slade's. If you're looking for a sweet romance, don't miss Slade and Kally.

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AE Rought said...

Hi there! Thanks so much for the great review of Slade and Kally--you made me day ^_^