Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Unexpected Mr. Right by Kelley Nyrae

Unexpected Mr. Right by Kelley Nyrae (Book 2 Friday's at Luciano's series)


All Tabitha Harris had wanted since childhood was to find her Mr. Right, her one true love. But along the way, she'd had her heart broken over and over. Now here she was facing womanizer, Nico Valenti, who was the consummate heartbreaker. How was she going to steer clear of him? He was handsome, available, smooth, but she couldn't risk her heart to him. She wasn't getting her heart broken again.

Nico had been trying to get close to Tabby for months, ever since she and her friends had been coming to his cousin's restaurant every Friday night. They'd even shared a kiss but that quickly ended when one of his women interrupted them. Could he help how much he loved women and they loved him? If only he could get Tabby out of his mind. In Nico's quest to spend time with her, he proposes they have a friends only relationship. So they have fun, flirt, then let their desires run wild. Now could either keep their emotions from ruling their hearts after their attraction runs deeper?

Unexpected Mr. Right is the sequel to Getting Lucky at Luciano's. Tabby and Niko and their entire array of friends and family are real characters you'll welcome in to your heart. Privileged Tabby has had everything her entire life she'd ever wanted except the feeling of being loved, something I could totally relate to. And Niko...handsome, sexy, desirable, Italian, oh my! But he's so much more... sensitive, funny, adorable. I quickly fell in love with him. Oh, to have a Niko in my life. This is a wonderful, captivating story I whole-heartedly recommend.


Kelley Nyrae said...

Wow. Thank you so much. I'm so glad you enjoyed Nico and Tabby's story. Thanks for the fantastic review.

Barb said...

Your welcome Kelley,
Now hurry up, I can't wait for Bri's story next.

lastnerve said...

This book looks sooooo good. I will definitely be putting it on my to purchase list!