Friday, February 27, 2009

Jake by Beth Williamson

Jake by Beth Williamson (Devils on Horseback book 2)

ISBN: 978-1-60504-091-2

Author's Website:

Jake Sheridan and the rest of the Devils on Horseback head in to the town of Tanger, Texas. Everyone in town is nervous by the arrival of strangers. Once there, the Devils are hired by the mayor to help rebuild this town that has been destroyed by a band of marauders. They find out that marauders have taken most of the women under 35.

The miller's daughter, Gabrielle Rinaldi, seems to be the only person in town who doesn't want the Devils around. But she's used to no one listening to her. Gabby is a strong woman and single-handedly attempts to run the broken down mill after her father was nearly killed by the marauders. Trust doesn't come easy but Gabby finds herself drawn to a charming Jake.

Jake's heart is lost to Gabby from day one but she tries to hold herself back. She's been through a couple bad relationships and is leery of being hurt again. Would Jake, who's always been considered a thief, steal Gabby's heart without giving anything back in return? But tragedy strikes the town once again and Gabby must help Jake fight to save the town.

I love the Devil's on Horseback. Beth Williamson has created a cast of characters that intrigues you and draws you in to the story. The story is fast paced and keeps you on the edge of your seat. Gabby and Jake are a perfect pair. She was just the type of woman to tame charming Jake. I know I will not be disappointed when I read the next book in the series, Zeke.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Patton's Way by Jenny Penn

Patton's Way by Jenny Penn (Cattleman's Club book 1)

ISBN # 1-60601-142-1

Author's Website:

Chase, Slade, and Devin Davis have been caring for orphan Patton Jones since their mother died. Their mother took Patton in and raised her when her father was killed. Now Patton's grown and is about to graduate from college or at least that's what she's led the Davis brothers to believe. When they find out about her lies, the Davis' summon Patton home to the family farm in Alabama.

Patton has become a successful lingerie designer but has been hiding this from Chase, Slade, and Devin, knowing they'd never approve. She arrives home and is confronted with her lies but she's not about to let the brothers intimidate her in the least. It's time to let them know she's not an innocent little girl any longer and she's in love with all three of them. She's ready to call them on the secrets of their dark desires and prove she can handle anything they dish out.

What a fabulous book Patton's Way is! Hot, hot, hot!!!!!!!! The passion between Patton and her three extremely alpha males is scorching. Patton is a schemer but the guys learn to get one step ahead of her. I'm so looking forward to the next book in the Cattleman Club series and recommend Patton's Way to everyone. But make sure you have a fan somewhere nearby! You'll need it.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Creation of Desire by Leah Brooke

Creation of Desire by Leah Brooke (Desire Oklahoma series Book 3)

For months Boone and Chase Jackson have tried to keep their distance from Rachel Robinson. But when it seems like two other men are moving in on what they deem as their territory, they're quick to claim Rachel. After a night of unbelievable sex, Boone and Chase tell Rachel they want to continue to have sex with her but aren't looking for a permanent commitment.

Rachel can't believe what she's hearing and quickly throw the two out of her apartment and her life. Avoiding them is an every day occurance now and several weeks later, Rachel learns after that one night of passion, she's pregnant. This wakes Boone and Chase up and they decide to commit to Rachel. But Rachel's not so sure of their love. Do they love her or just want her for the sake of the baby?

Leah Brooke has done it again with book 3 of the Desire, Oklahoma series. The wonderful cast of characters in this small town warm your heart and it's like catching up with old friends when characters from the previous books pop up. At times, I wanted to knock Rachel, Boone and Chase in the head for taking so long to get their heads on straight. The sex scenes between the three are explosive and I can't wait for the next book to come in this sizzling series.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Hooked by Kate Davies

Hooked by Kate Davies

ISBN: 1-60601-131-6

Author's Website:

Madison McIntyre arrives in Westhaven, Washington to research a resort plan for the development company she works for. Others have attempted but been thwarted by the town council. She sees this as a huge opportunity for advancement with the company but is only given a month to prepare or she's out of a job. When she arrives in town, she must keep her reasons for being there secret or be run out of town.

Charter-fisherman Dylan Edwards has grown-up in Westhaven, loves the community and doesn't want to see it changed. This small town is the perfect place to raise his daughter. He meets Madison while she's staying at his mother's B&B and instantly sparks fly between them. Dylan tries to keep his distance thinking she's just like his ex-wife who left him for the big city life but has a difficult time. What will happen when Madison's secret comes out?

Hooked was a wonderful love story! I loved that Madison had the gumption to stand up for her principles. Learning to trust a woman again was Dylan's difficult task and he pulls through with flying colors. Kate Davies did an amazing writing job with Hooked.

Nymphomaniac Book One: Hunger by Sarah Masters

Nymphomaniac Book One: Hunger by Sarah Masters

The Nymphomaniac series explores the dungeon of Mistress Klara and her affliction of being a nymphomaniac. A different client appears in each book to help her as well as themselves deal with their sexual fetishes. First up is Hunger.

All day long Mistress Klara hungers for sex no matter how many times per day she's sated. Her first client today is Harvey Lewis; a man who's been married for fifteen years to a socialite. Somehow his wife just doesn't give him all he craves and he considers Mistress his mistress of sorts. With their demands fulfilled for the time being, Mistress still needs.

This snippet of Mistress Klara day is much too brief. Ms. Masters has the gift of exceptional writing that has evoked the beginning of another great series. The world of BDSM is something I'm not real familiar with but with Ms. Masters help, I'm learning. My curiosity is in gear and I want to get to know Mistress better. I look forward to future glimpses of Mistress Klara to unfold.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Dominatrix series by Sarah Masters

Dominatrix Book 1: Bastinado by Sarah Masters

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Dominatrix Book 2: Trussed

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Dominatrix Book 3: Flagellation

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Dominatrix Book 4: Masochist

Dominatrix Book 5: Satyriasis

The Dominatrix series explores the dungeon of Mistress Shadow. Each short is devoted to one of Mistress' clients and their sexual fetish of choice. The book titles are Bastinado, Trussed, Flagellation, Masochist, and Styriasis.

Bastinado's client is Luke Johnson, a six foot six, blond Adonis who prefers having his feet caned. Mistress Shadow refers to him as Beautiful Luke. When he first arrives he shows his arrogance toward Mistress, his obvious distain of what he thinks of her and her dungeon. This quickly changes of she gives him exactly what he came for. Mistress wants her beautiful Luke but how long can she keep her distance before she takes him.
A new client for Mistress Shadow arrives in Trussed. Before David Shanks arrives, Mistress fantasizes he'll be similar to Beautiful Luke but when he walks in the door he reminds her of Bob Hoskins. It seems David loves to have his balls and cock wrapped tight with lace. If that's not enough he then asks Mistress to flick him with a rubber band to achieve his ultimate high.

Simon Whittle is Mistress Shadow's client in Flagellation. Nicknamed Mr. Delirious, he takes pleasure in whipping. Laughter bubbles from him as he delights in the crack of the whip against his skin. Another mistress joins the interlude to give him his utmost pleasure.

Masochist's Matthew Scott disdains Mistress Shadow but he still can't keep his distance. Her nickname for him is Mr. Grouchy and is in serious denial about what he wants. He likes a cock up his ass and the degradation Mistress voices toward him.

Roger Liston has an excessive sexual appetite in Satyriasis. He visits Mistress Shadow with the hope she'll help him with his insatiable cravings. With the help of Mistress Klara, she entertains Mr. Liston to his fulfillment.

You'll catch of glimpse of the forbidden when you read The Dominatrix series. Each short is loaded with the spicy aspects of a lifestyle many of us may not be accustomed to. Mistress Shadow is still an enigma to me after reading each of the books. Here's hoping Ms. Masters will expand this series cause I want to get to know Mistress better. Her writing is exceptional and she keeps you glued to each brief look into the many facets of the BDSM world.

Midnight Rodeo by Luxie Ryder

Midnight Rodeo by Luxie Ryder (Midnight Cowboys book 1)

ISBN # 1-60601-327-0

Author's Website:

Local Chelwood bar owner, Talia anticipates the arrival of the rodeo in town with the extra business it brings. She wasn't anticipating the two sexy cowboys that came strolling in to the bar one night. Reb is sexy and blond and Cody is dark and mysterious. Attraction is instantaneous between the three.

Cody and Reb have been buddies forever and their taste in women is the same. So when they see Talia, they can't resist her charms. A private rodeo between the three ensues after the bar closes one night. That night of sizzling seduction turns into a competition for Talia's affection. What will happen when Talia is forced to choose between the two friends?

Luxie Ryder wrote an enticing little read with Midnight Rodeo. Talia had basically given up on men after the number her ex had done on her. Cody and Reb are charmers who know how to sizzle between the sheets. Not quite as long as I'd hoped for, Midnight Rodeo is still a spicy read. I look forward to the next book in this series.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Stetson by Betty Womack

The Stetson by Betty Womack

ISBN # 1-60601-098-0

What's a man to do when he's forced to take responsibility of a woman that rubs him the wrong way? Ex-Army Ranger turned dude ranch owner Turk Gunnison must look after Abigail Van Huffington when he gets word she's in danger. To him, she's nothing but a spoiled little rich girl. But the more time he spends with her, the more he wants to lay Huffy down on the nearest surface.

Abigail wants to get as far away from Turk as she can. She's got a job waiting for her in England but with no available money, she's waiting on a friend to rescue her. Her life has been controlled by her overbearing grandfather and with him searching for an appropriate husband for her, hiding at the dude ranch was one way to avoid him. But she can't avoid her attraction to Turk and now she's got to get out of there.

The Stetson is a wonderful love story. Turk and Abigail love to hate each other. They fight, they make up, they fight some more, and make up some more. Betty Womack does an excellent job writing interesting characters in this sensual read.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Matter Among Four by Destiny Blaine

A Matter Among Four by Destiny Blaine

ISBN # 1-60601-330-0

Author's Website:

When Kimbrell's sister, Darlene leaves on her honeymoon, she thrown into the running of the ranch; something she's never had to do before. Kimbrell's always been more interested in bedding the ranch hands than supervising them. But she knows Darlene and Jack are depending on her so she's willing to give it a try.

The Carlisle brothers show up at the ranch to help out but what are they there to help out with. Kimbrell feels they're there to help her out of her pants more than around the ranch. Dallas, Rex and Corbin are looking for the perfect woman to share their lives. And they feel Kimbrell is just that woman. But will her past keep them apart?

This sizzling story will keep you interested from page one. All three Carlisle's are sexy studs and Kimbrell should thank her lucky stars she's got the three of them to show her what life is really all about. A Matter Among Four is a scorching hot read!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

A Matter Among Men by Destiny Blaine

A Matter Among Men by Destiny Blaine

ISBN # 1-60601-051-4

From an early age, Darlene has been expected to be tough as nails. She took over running the family ranch after her parent's passing cause her sister, Kimbrell, can't be expected to do anything but bed just about any man she meets. Darlene does keep Finn around for more than helping around the ranch and they have an okay sex life.

The minute she meets Jack Dawson, there's an instant attraction. Something about him is familiar and she's thrown when she finds out he's the teenage love she thought had died in a plane crash. He's fought his way back, plans to claim her and the land that belongs to him. But will he be able to keep other's from trying to separate him and Darlene?

Destiny Blaine has written a wonderful story with A Matter Among Men. Darlene had to grow up tough and now that Jack is back, she can give up some of the control that's been necessary in her life. Sexy Jack has had to fight his own problems on his way back to Darlene and now that he's back, he's not giving up easily. This is a hot erotic romp that will keep you tuned in from page to page.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Sex Party by Natalie Acres

Sex Party by Natalie Acres (Cowboy Sex series book 1)

ISBN # 1-60601-331-9

Peyton Storm's world is turned upside down when her mother dies and since she's not eighteen yet, she's left with little choice. Braden Cartwell made a promise to Peyton's mother and he'll make sure she's taken care of and gets through school. With his brothers, Kane and Evan, he makes her a part of their lives and household. Peyton is a blonde, blue-eyed, gorgeous and a hellion. She turns the Cartwell brothers inside out and all share an attraction with her. But her age keeps them at a distance.

Once she turns eighteen, Kane can no longer hold back. He's the first to fall for her charms and from that moment he's in over his head. Evan's not far behind Kane in losing himself to Peyton. Braden fights succumbing to Peyton's delights but in the end gives in too. But when all is said and done, which brother will Peyton choose and will the brothers be able to keep Peyton safe when trouble comes calling?

What a fantastic page turner Sex Party was! From page one, I was enthralled with the story and couldn't put it down until I was finished. Three sexy cowboys and Peyton's hijinx were more than enough to keep me hooked. This was the first book I've read by Natalie Acres and I will definitely be looking for more.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Blade's Desire by Leah Brooke

Blade's Desire by Leah Brooke (Desire, Oklahoma series book 2)

ISBN # 1-60601-285-1

Kelly Jones came to Desire, Oklahoma after her friend Jesse moved there. This was her chance to start fresh after being physically and mentally abused by a former boyfriend. She met Blade as soon as she arrived in town and tried to keep her distance but it was impossible. She's slowly been falling in love with Blade bit by bit. But could she give herself over to a Dom after what she'd already been through in her life?

Blade Royal can't get Kelly out of his mind or his heart. He's been patiently waiting for the right moment to claim her and just as he's about to reach out, she comes to him. Her body's been burning for him and she makes a deal with Blade to spend the next six weeks learning to trust in men again. Both hide their feelings for each other until danger threatens to tear them apart forever.

Blade's Desire, the second book in the Desire, Oklahoma series, is another fantastic story by Leah Brooke. Poor Kelly has been through so much with her previous relationship, she doesn't know if she can trust another man, let alone one as dominant as Blade. And Blade is the ultimate sexy, dominant alpha male. He loves and cares for Kelly from day one. This is an exceptional story that quickly get you hot and bothered!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Desire For Three by Leah Brooke

Desire For Three by Leah Brooke (Desire, Oklahoma series book 1)

Ebook ISBN 1-60601-239-8

Paperback ISBN 978-1-60601-239-0

Jessica Tyler arrives in Desire, Oklahoma to visit her sister, after escaping a bad marriage. She hides behind a shell of her former self but once in Desire, she quickly opens herself up to new experiences. She meets her brother-in-law's friends, brothers Clay and Rio. Desire is a small town like no other; Dom/sub and menage relationships are the way of life.

Clay and Rio Erickson have been searching for the love of their life for what seems like forever. Both were married before to separate women and after their respective divorces, they've waited until they find the love to complete them. They meet Jesse and know she's that woman. Clay and Rio claim Jesse for their own but Jesse is unsure she wants to give up her independance to another man, let alone two men.

Desire For Three is an enticing read. Jesse is strong willed having taken care of herself, her son, and a no good, worthless husband for so long. Clay and Rio show they're human when they overhear something and judge her in the worse way. But in the end, they make up for their faults and show Jesse she can trust in their love. The sexual chemistry between the three sizzles and makes for a hot story!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Venus in Blue Jeans by Meg Benjamin

Venus in Blue Jeans by Meg Benjamin

ISBN: 978-1-60504-369-2

Author's Website:

Docia Kent moved to the small town of Konigsburg, Texas to open a bookstore after she broke her engagement off. Konigsburg was also a great place to steer clear of her nosy but wealthy parents. She meets the new town vet, Cal Toleffson and thinks what's wrong with having a fling cause she's really not in the mood for something long term.

Cal takes one look at Docia and knows he's found his Venus, the woman of his dreams. They spend an amazing night in each other's arms and he realizes that he wants more of Docia. They spend more and more time together. What neither anticipates is Docia's bookstore coming under attack from some unknown force. Suddenly Docia's life is threatened but will Cal be the one to save her.

Venus in Blue Jeans is just like coming home. A strange cast of characters will keep you interested in what's going on in the small world of Konigsburg. And let's not forget an adorable Chihuahua too. Docia has a difficult time trusting after being taken advantage of by a former fiance and this bleeds over in to her relationship with Cal. Cal is a sweet man who deserves the happiness that Docia can bring him. Don't miss this endearing heartfelt tale.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Private Property by Leah Braemel

Private Property by Leah Braemel

ISBN: 978-1-60504-368-5

Author's Website:

After having been in many deadend relationships, security specialist Jodi Tyler decided on a no-strings affair with her boss. He's a equal for her in many ways. On her birthday, Jodi suspicions Mark is bored with her and going to break things off with her especially when he makes her work on a case that night.

Mark Rodriguez sets up the birthday present of Jodi's dreams. The present is a one-time menage with another man so he invites Sam to join in. Not only is Sam his old college buddy but he's merging his security business with Sam's.

To prove a future client's security is not up to par, Jodi breaks in to a their mansion and safe and is caught. But what she doesn't realize it's part of her birthday surprise with Mark and Sam. So as Jodi begins to enjoy her present, Mark begins to have a change of heart. Could he really share Jodi with Sam when all he wants is Jodi to himself?

Private Property is a sexy story. Jodi is insecure in her relationship with Mark after having so many men in her life that didn't treat her the way she deserved. In the beginning, Mark only wanted sex but he fell for Jodi and wants to be the man in her life, give her anything she wants and if a menage is it, he's more than willing one time. And what we see of Sam, he's sizzling. You'll love this sensual, passionate read!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Anticipation by Patrice Michelle

Anticipation by Patrice Michelle (also part of the Anticipation and Seduction print anthology)

ISBN: 1-59998-782-1

Print anthology ISBN: 978-1-59998-972-3

Author's Website:

Deidre Nelson returns home to Ventura, Texas after a decade away to look after her parents' B&B while they take a cruise. She's never forgotten Jonas Mendez, now sheriff but former wrangler who worked for her parents' when she was in college. Their attraction was immediate but he was engaged to be married and they never acted upon it. Deidre anticipated seeing Jonas since he'd never been too far from her thoughts and fantasies for so long.

Jonas Mendez had always wanted Deidre but couldn't give in way back when. Trusting another woman with his heart after his previous bad breakup was something he could never do. He'd made a vow not to get involved with Deidre, but if he was upfront about expectations what would hurt. Deidre was here, available and in need of protection with the B&B the target of vandalism and the anticipation had been too great.

The anticipation was well worth the wait on this short sexy read. Patrice Michelle delivers an erotic romp that is realistic and passionate. I highly recommend you check this one out cause I'll be looking for more from this author.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Devil Inside by Kate Davies

The Devil Inside by Kate Davies

ISBN: 978-1-60504-355-5

Author's Website:

Samantha Quincannon had steered clear of the rodeo the last thirteen years since her father had been killed. But being an EMT and striving to be a part of a training program places her at the rodeo when another accident takes place.

Bullrider Cody Shaw's ride leaves him hurt and unable to travel for several days. Since Sam is an old friend and has the proper medical training to care for him, she takes him home. Cody awakens to find himself in Sam's bed, some place he avoided thirteen years ago since she was only fifteen and he was eighteen.

Time and distance changed the sexual tension about the explode between the two of them. Cody and Sam haven't seen each other since right before her father's death from a bull. Now with age and distance no longer a problem, could there be something else to endanger their love?

The Devil Inside was the first book of Kate Davies I've read. Needless to say, it did not disappoint me and I'll be checking out more. Sam is basically scared of living her life the way she really craves due to her father's death. Cody is prime example of a sexy cowboy and who doesn't love a sexy cowboy! This is a heartfelt, erotic romantic tale.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Home of His Own by T.A. Chase

Home of His Own by T.A. Chase

ISBN 978-1-59578-427-8

Author's Website:

Tony Romanos was forced to leave home at age 15 when he tells his parents he was gay. At age 18, he becomes a professional bull rider. Being on the rodeo circuit has made it difficult to find a man he could settle down with or a place to hang his hat. He ends up in Hawaii in a rodeo finals competition.

Owning his own bodyguard company gives Brody MacCafferty the opportunity to travel and he just happened to be in Hawaii in time to meet Tony. They share a fantastic night together and separate for what they think is forever.

Tony heads to his friend's ranch in Wyoming for a short break. This is the next best place to a real home even though he sometimes feels jealous of Les and Randy's relationship and like a third wheel. He's called to Texas to help his nephew Juan, whom his sister thinks is gay but while there he ends up helping Juan's friend Yancey, who has nowhere to go. Tony heads back to Wyoming with Yancey. What a small world, when Yancey's brother, with Juan in tow, shows up looking for him and it turns out to be Tony's Hawaii one night stand. Tony and Brody share a sparkling reunion. But could they share more than just another couple of days and nights? Could they make a home for their growing family?

Home of His Own is a wonderful love story between two people who've had a difficult family life. Tony and Brody have both missed out on family and home and now have a chance to get back what they lost. T. A. Chase has written a sizzling hot read plus have a reunion with characters you've met previously.

Included with Home of His Own was a short story, Where His Home Lies, which catches you up to date with Randy Hersch and Les Hardin. Randy and Les were the characters from No Going Home. They're throwing a party to celebrate their commitment to each other and they've invited their growing extended family. A hot little story to spice up the day and catch you up even more on what's happened in the lives of the Hardin/Hersch family.