Monday, February 9, 2009

Desire For Three by Leah Brooke

Desire For Three by Leah Brooke (Desire, Oklahoma series book 1)

Ebook ISBN 1-60601-239-8

Paperback ISBN 978-1-60601-239-0

Jessica Tyler arrives in Desire, Oklahoma to visit her sister, after escaping a bad marriage. She hides behind a shell of her former self but once in Desire, she quickly opens herself up to new experiences. She meets her brother-in-law's friends, brothers Clay and Rio. Desire is a small town like no other; Dom/sub and menage relationships are the way of life.

Clay and Rio Erickson have been searching for the love of their life for what seems like forever. Both were married before to separate women and after their respective divorces, they've waited until they find the love to complete them. They meet Jesse and know she's that woman. Clay and Rio claim Jesse for their own but Jesse is unsure she wants to give up her independance to another man, let alone two men.

Desire For Three is an enticing read. Jesse is strong willed having taken care of herself, her son, and a no good, worthless husband for so long. Clay and Rio show they're human when they overhear something and judge her in the worse way. But in the end, they make up for their faults and show Jesse she can trust in their love. The sexual chemistry between the three sizzles and makes for a hot story!

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