Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Devil Inside by Kate Davies

The Devil Inside by Kate Davies

ISBN: 978-1-60504-355-5


Author's Website: http://www.kate-davies.com/

Samantha Quincannon had steered clear of the rodeo the last thirteen years since her father had been killed. But being an EMT and striving to be a part of a training program places her at the rodeo when another accident takes place.

Bullrider Cody Shaw's ride leaves him hurt and unable to travel for several days. Since Sam is an old friend and has the proper medical training to care for him, she takes him home. Cody awakens to find himself in Sam's bed, some place he avoided thirteen years ago since she was only fifteen and he was eighteen.

Time and distance changed the sexual tension about the explode between the two of them. Cody and Sam haven't seen each other since right before her father's death from a bull. Now with age and distance no longer a problem, could there be something else to endanger their love?

The Devil Inside was the first book of Kate Davies I've read. Needless to say, it did not disappoint me and I'll be checking out more. Sam is basically scared of living her life the way she really craves due to her father's death. Cody is prime example of a sexy cowboy and who doesn't love a sexy cowboy! This is a heartfelt, erotic romantic tale.

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Julie Robinson said...

Sounds like a story with great conflict and sexual tension---a must have. And I'm not normally a big cowboy fan. Whoa, wait, the big would be good . . .