Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Matter Among Four by Destiny Blaine

A Matter Among Four by Destiny Blaine

ISBN # 1-60601-330-0


Author's Website: www.destinyblaine.com

When Kimbrell's sister, Darlene leaves on her honeymoon, she thrown into the running of the ranch; something she's never had to do before. Kimbrell's always been more interested in bedding the ranch hands than supervising them. But she knows Darlene and Jack are depending on her so she's willing to give it a try.

The Carlisle brothers show up at the ranch to help out but what are they there to help out with. Kimbrell feels they're there to help her out of her pants more than around the ranch. Dallas, Rex and Corbin are looking for the perfect woman to share their lives. And they feel Kimbrell is just that woman. But will her past keep them apart?

This sizzling story will keep you interested from page one. All three Carlisle's are sexy studs and Kimbrell should thank her lucky stars she's got the three of them to show her what life is really all about. A Matter Among Four is a scorching hot read!

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