Saturday, February 14, 2009

A Matter Among Men by Destiny Blaine

A Matter Among Men by Destiny Blaine

ISBN # 1-60601-051-4

From an early age, Darlene has been expected to be tough as nails. She took over running the family ranch after her parent's passing cause her sister, Kimbrell, can't be expected to do anything but bed just about any man she meets. Darlene does keep Finn around for more than helping around the ranch and they have an okay sex life.

The minute she meets Jack Dawson, there's an instant attraction. Something about him is familiar and she's thrown when she finds out he's the teenage love she thought had died in a plane crash. He's fought his way back, plans to claim her and the land that belongs to him. But will he be able to keep other's from trying to separate him and Darlene?

Destiny Blaine has written a wonderful story with A Matter Among Men. Darlene had to grow up tough and now that Jack is back, she can give up some of the control that's been necessary in her life. Sexy Jack has had to fight his own problems on his way back to Darlene and now that he's back, he's not giving up easily. This is a hot erotic romp that will keep you tuned in from page to page.

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