Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Stetson by Betty Womack

The Stetson by Betty Womack

ISBN # 1-60601-098-0

What's a man to do when he's forced to take responsibility of a woman that rubs him the wrong way? Ex-Army Ranger turned dude ranch owner Turk Gunnison must look after Abigail Van Huffington when he gets word she's in danger. To him, she's nothing but a spoiled little rich girl. But the more time he spends with her, the more he wants to lay Huffy down on the nearest surface.

Abigail wants to get as far away from Turk as she can. She's got a job waiting for her in England but with no available money, she's waiting on a friend to rescue her. Her life has been controlled by her overbearing grandfather and with him searching for an appropriate husband for her, hiding at the dude ranch was one way to avoid him. But she can't avoid her attraction to Turk and now she's got to get out of there.

The Stetson is a wonderful love story. Turk and Abigail love to hate each other. They fight, they make up, they fight some more, and make up some more. Betty Womack does an excellent job writing interesting characters in this sensual read.

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