Sunday, March 1, 2009

Layover by Ann Wesley Hardin

Layover by Ann Wesley Hardin

ISBN #1-4199-0275-X

Author's Website:

Jack Grayson and Kira Allen have been best friends for what seems like forever. Kira's parents raised Jack after his mother left town. Now years later, Jack and Kira are piloting for the same airline. Jack's has always had a thing for Kira but has kept his feelings hidden except for one kiss as teenagers. He made a promise to Kira's father that he would watch out for her and he's helped her get rid of each and every prospective lover Kira has for her own good.

A couple of steamy kisses between the two makes Kira think "what if." After she breaks it off with her current dud of a boyfriend, Kira proposes she and Jack fulfill each others sexual fantasies during their layovers. Commitment shy Jack's not sure if it's right but she tempts him beyond all reason. But when the layover's over, will either be able to return to being just friends or will this be the beginning of so much more?

Layover is a heartfelt romantic story. Misunderstandings revolve throughout the plot. A great friends turned lovers story. And as lovers, it was quite steamy.

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