Saturday, March 7, 2009

Under the Covers by Eve Adams

Under the Covers by Eve Adams

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Paralegal Mia Andrews' sister has gone missing. The police have been no help in finding her so she takes matters in to her own hands. Mia tracks Aimee to an underground sex operation and decides to go under cover as a courtesan to get more information. Once there, she finds herself auctioned off to the highest bidder and now must perform according to the contract she signed.

As soon as he spots her, Wayde Davis knows he has to bid on her. Being an undercover SBI agent, Wayde sees the potential of her being like the other missing women of the club. He has to protect her before someone gets their hands on her. But could he keep his own hands off her in the meantime?

When he sees the beautiful Mia, James Pearce knows he must outbid all others. No dollar amount is too high to have her as his courtesan. But the help of another man is needed to accomplish his fulfillment of Mia. But after watching Wayde, would he be willing to share Mia with him?

Mia is caught up in a tangled web with Wayde and James. But she's desperate to find her sister and she'll do anything she needs to do, including falling in love with two very different men.

Under the Covers is an exciting, smoking hot read. Mia is a devoted sister to give of herself the way she did. Wayde is torn with his duty and the feelings Mia brings out of him. And poor James is caught in the middle of it all without realizing what exactly he's done until it's too late. The sex is scorching and there's an abundance of it. Let me tell you, I'll never look at fruit in the same manner as I used to. You'll love Under the Covers and I've found a new author to read.

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From the author:

Thank you for such a wonderful post! I really appreciate it. Between the Covers (sequel to Under the Covers) will be out before the end of this year, so check my website for a release date!

~Eve Adams