Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Riding the Line by Kate Pearce

Riding the Line by Kate Pearce (Turner Brothers series book 3)

ISBN-10: 035234511X

Publisher: Virgin Cheek

Author's Website

Rodeo cowboy, Dakota Scott, seems to attract trouble. After his truck breaks down and leaves him stranded in a small New Mexico town, he meets a woman who desperately needs his help. Robyn Sparrow, washed-up celebrity, has hit rock bottom and promises him anything to get a ride to the West Coast. As Dakota unwittingly leads her back to the spotlight, can Robyn resist the lure of Hollywood…or will she give it up for love?
With a groan, Dakota stripped off his jacket and shirt and splashed lukewarm water over his grimy skin. The soap smelled of peaches but he didn’t care. At least he’d be clean again. He filled the basin with water and lowered his head. Behind him, the door opened and hit his ass shoving him face-first into the water.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Where Have All the Cowboys Gone? by Kate Pearce

Where Have All the Cowboys Gone? by Kate Pearce (Turner Brothers series book 1)

ISBN: 0352341009

Publisher: Virgin Cheek

Author's Website

When fashion designer Lauren Redstone gets drunk in Las Vegas to celebrate a successful deal, she does something very impulsive: she bumps into a tall, drawling cowboy called Grayson, sleeps with him and then marries him the same day. Sober the next morning, she flees the hotel room and tries to renege on the arrangement. But Grayson refuses to play ball, insisting she gives their unlikely coupling a chance out on his ranch where she can get to know the stranger she married. And in return, he agrees to spend an equal amount of time in her high society Californian world. But as the couple fall for one another in these wildly different environments, it seems both Lauren's controlling father, and Grayson's jealous ex, will have much to say about the success or failure of the relationship.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Roping the Wind by Kate Pearce

Roping the Wind by Kate Pearce (Turner Brothers series book 2)

ISBN: 0352341580

Publisher: Virgin Cheek

A gold-buckled cowboy falls hard for his orthopedic surgeon in this carnal escape.
Barely 30 and already washed up, rodeo cowboy Jay Turner has nothing to show for his 12-year career except a few gold buckles and a busted-up knee. The very last thing he needs is career advice from his orthopedic surgeon, a chilly woman who obviously has never been thrown off a bucking bronco. Instead, Jay decides to lasso the beautiful lady doc with an intimate proposition. Dr. Helen Kinsale’s own fast-track career is hanging by a thread as past mistakes and her ex-husband are threatening her professional reputation. When Jay offers a no-holds-barred affair, she eagerly accepts the erotic escape from her narrow world. But the affair quickly turns into something else as they discover a dark sexual compatibility that leads them into new erotic situations and extreme sensations.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Running Bare by Lacey Thorn

Running Bare by Lacey Thorn (Bare Love series book 5)

ISBN #9781419921520


Author's Website: http://www.lacythorn.com/

Jack Madigan goes on the hunt for some answers after meeting a woman he thinks could be his niece. Finding those answers may be difficult since his brother died many years ago. At a bar along the way, he is startled by his immediate attraction to a woman there and ends up having mind blowing sex with her. She leaves before he even gets her name.

In the town of Hidden Falls, Detective Julia White is boggled with the missing persons cases that have been stacking up on her desk. She's even more blown away when the one night stand she had walks in to the police station. Still finding herself attracted to Jack, she allows him to stay with her while he's in town.

Head over heels in love is where they both fall. But Jack is only there temporarily and once he has his answers he'll be leaving. Becoming detective had been a dream of Julia's but could she give it up to keep from losing Jack.

I love this series by Lacey Thorn. Keeping up with the lives of the Daniels family and their many honorary members is part of the reason. We've known Jack Madigan since book 1 and it's nice to see him with a love story of his own. He's a sexy man and the sex he has with Julia is scorching. Julia's always been somewhat of a loner and meeting Jack was what she needed to complete her life. Well done Lacey! Can't wait for the next book.

Maverick by Lora Leigh

Maverick by Lora Leigh (Elite Ops series book 2)

ISBN: 0312945809

Publisher: St. Martin’s

Author's Website: http://www.loraleigh.com/

Eight years ago, Risa Clay was kidnapped and then brutally raped. Her father engineered the entire attack and Risa's subsequent hospitalization in a mental ward. Since her father's death, two years later she's been trying to put her life back on track. She's shy, withdrawn, with little self esteem but has decided now is the time to take a lover. Her friends set her up with Micah Sloane. What she doesn't know is, with her memory returning, the man who raped her has hired an assassin to get rid of her.

Drawn to Risa from the time of her rescue, Elite Ops agent Micah Sloane has volunteered for this assignment. Unbeknownst to the rest of the team, he's also using her to draw out the assassin so he can kill him. Micah (former Israeli Moussad agent David Abijah), who "died" at the hands of this assassin, has been after him since the murder of his mother. What Micah doesn't count on is losing his heart to Risa.

Risa is forced to cooperate with the Elite Ops and portray Micah's live-in lover. As the charade ends and becomes reality, Micah helps Risa to heal knowing he'll eventually have to leave her. Will Risa's heart mend then? And what of Micah, could be really walk away from the woman he loves?

Maverick is an exceptional book with intriguing suspense and smoking hot love. Since this series began with Wildcard, it's been tearing me up. I became so emotionally caught up with Risa and Micah. What else is Lora Leigh going to have in store for us with the next installment?

Friday, April 10, 2009

Nauti Intentions by Lora Leigh

Nauti Intentions by Lora Leigh (The Nauti Boys series book 4)

ISBN: 0425226050

Publisher: Berkley

Author's Website: http://www.loraleigh.com/

Alex Jansen has wanted Janey Mackay since the time he spotted her in her bikini at age 17. But being fourteen years older, he steers clear not wanting to be killed by one of the Mackay men. But when he rescues her from the clutches of her evil father and aunt, she asks him for a kiss and he can't resist.

Six months later, Janey Mackay has recovered from the drugging and is running the family restaurant but has begun receiving threatening notes. She's been called a traitor before so she believes it's just another hoax from the locals and doesn't tell anyone but the sheriff. And swears him to secrecy cause she doesn't want her brother and cousins finding out. But the sheriff tells Alex instead. The one man she's carried a torch for.

Alex sets out to protect Janey at all costs. But being in close proximity to her daily is too much to handle. And wants her with every breadth of his soul. But is Alex too close to the situation to save her?

Nauti Intentions is a passion filled story. Lora Leigh is so good at writing hot sexy alpha males. The sex scenes between Janey and Alex are steamy and scorching. The suspense will keep you on the edge of your seat. I love this series and can't wait for the next installment, Nauti Deceptions.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Last Bouquet by Carol Lynne

The Last Bouquet by Carol Lynne (Cattle Valley series book 10)

ISBN: 978-1-906811-93-8

Publisher:  Total E-Bound

Tyler Manning hates seeing Hearn Sutherland mourn over a jerk like Mitch Lanham. Every week Hearn comes into Tyler’s shop to pick up fresh flowers for his lover’s grave, and every minute spent with the good-looking man makes Tyler love him more.
Since Mitch’s death, Hearn has become withdrawn and sullen. For months before Mitch’s accident, Hearn tried to fight the attraction he felt for his best friend, Tyler. Now nine months later, he learns the truth about his long - term partner, one that will change Hearn’s life forever.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Gone Surfin' by Carol Lynne

Gone Surfin' by Carol Lynne (Cattle Valley series book 9)

ISBN # 978-1-906811-79-2

Publisher:  Total E-Bound

Author's Website

Since the age of six, Kai Hachiya's entire life has been centred on surfing. Now, at the age of twenty-six, he's begun to drop in the rankings. Memories of a small-town mayor have him completely off pace, and only one thing can fix it, finding that man.Winters in Cattle Valley are torture for Mayor Quade Maddison. Standing around singing Christmas Carols with friends only serves to remind him how completely alone he really is. The only thing that gets him through the cold, lonely months is his annual vacation to Hawaii.When a gorgeous professional surfer washes up at the grand opening of the Tall Pines Lodge, Quade knows his Christmas prayer has been answered.

Monday, April 6, 2009

The Sound of White by Carol Lynne

The Sound of White by Carol Lynne (Cattle Valley series book 8)

ISBN: 978-1-906811-48-8

Publisher:  Total E-Bound

Finally healed after a beating that almost took his life, the last thing Richard Johnson needs is to be attracted to Chad Neal. He’s got a bar to open and a heart to mend.
Despite his smaller stature, Tall Pines Lodge Manager, Chad Neal, needs to be in charge, both in the bedroom and out. So why is he attracted to a six-foot-three man who looks like he could rip the limbs from Chad’s body?
Electrician, Collin Zeffer, longs for the kind of relationship he sees his friends have, but who would want someone as boring as him? When he meets the reclusive Abe Cross, Collin decides maybe there is someone made especially for him.
Hiding his face from the world, Abe Cross is content to live out his life alone. His cabin in the woods above Cattle Valley seems like the place to do it. The last thing he needs is a sexy as sin electrician showing up to remind him of what he can never have, but when an unexpected blizzard blankets Cattle Valley and the mountains above it, his life, and the lives of the three other men, will change forever.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Bad Boy Cowboy by Carol Lynne

Bad Boy Cowboy by Carol Lynne (Cattle Valley series book 7)

ISBN: 978-1-906811-17-4

Publisher:  Total E-Bound

When Logan Miller pulls up to the EZ Does-It ranch atop a gleaming black Harley, bearing tattoos and killer green eyes, Jax Brolin knows he’s in trouble. How can this be the same skinny kid who used to play with his baby brother? Still recovering from a secret affair gone bad, Jax knows his heart can’t take another beating. Distancing himself is his only weapon, and he uses it well.
Until Logan reunited with his best friend’s big brother, he’d thought the best thing to have between his legs was a motorcycle, followed closely by a horse. Now, at the age of twenty-six, Logan wants the man he’s fantasized about since puberty.
The town may classify Logan as a bad boy, but all he wants is to be is a good man for Jax and he’ll do anything to get the man’s attention.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Out of the Shadow by Carol Lynne

Out of the Shadow by Carol Lynne (Cattle Valley series book 6)

ISBN: 978-1-906590-96-3

Publisher:  Total E-Bound

When Shepard Black left the rodeo circuit, he thought his days of lusting after young cowboys were over. Now owner of the Backbreaker Ranch, Shep raises mean spirited bulls like the ones that used to toss him around the arena. It’s a challenge, but he never imagined his best friend’s son, Jeremy, would prove to be his toughest one yet. Watching Jeremy’s long legs wrap around a bucking bull gives Shep too many ideas for comfort. Even worse, Jeremy seems to know exactly the affect he’s having on his boss and teacher.
When Jeremy asks Shep to help him train for the upcoming Cattle Valley Rodeo Days, he has two goals in mind. To spend time with the man he’s lusted after since he was a teenager and to beat his father. He’s been through hell as the son of the reigning National Champion, and he wants his dad to have a taste of his own medicine. He might just get a taste of what he’s longed for all this time, too.