Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Riding Double by Eve Adams

Riding Double by Eve Adams (Riding series book 1)

Publisher:  Siren

Tough as nails Skye Taylor considers love the mother of all four-letter words. She's witnessed too many failed relationships, and has no intention of ever falling in love.
Trent Harris wants nothing more than to show Skye how much he loves her, but with the bulletproof armor around her heart, he can't get close enough. Growing up on a Montana ranch with Skye as his playmate, and now lover, he's willing to take her any way he can have her.
Caleb Jennings knows real when he sees it, and Trent's love for Skye is as real as it gets. Trouble is, his love for Skye is just as real. He knows what they all need is love in the third degree to really spice things up.
These country boys show Skye how a cowboy stays warm in Montana. She will discover just how hot it can get when RIDING DOUBLE.

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