Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sapphire's Seduction by Ruby Storm

Sapphire's Seduction by Ruby Storm

ISBN #1-4199-0766-2

Publisher:  Ellora's Cave

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Two married couples plan a vacation to Jamaica. Destination? An adults only resort called Sapphire's Oceanside Hedonism. No kids, no rules, and clothes optional. Not that Melanie and Dan Ryan and Corrie and Mike Jenson plan to frolic naked in the white sand. It's just that Sapphire's inclusive package has everything they're looking for. Hesitant at first, the women finally agree that they can put up with nude bodies dotting the beach because the price for the trip is within their means. And any outlandish behavior will definitely be observed from afar. They simply want tropical sun, white sand and turquoise water.Or so they think, until Sapphire's seductive spell of fanciful desire for the extraordinary begins to trifle with the sensuous side of what reality is and what reality can be.Innocently, Melanie stumbles upon the Jensons in a heated sexual clinch, never realizing that her stunned voyeurism will lead them all into a sexual adventure the likes of which they had never even dreamed.

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