Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Taking Chloe by Anne Rainey

Taking Chloe by Anne Rainey (Vaughn series book 3)

ISBN: 978-1-60504-575-7


Author's Website: www.annerainey.com/

Merrick Vaughn thought his life was perfect. He has a successful business and he's married to the love of his life. But then his wife leaves him and he's bowled over by it. He never expected anything like this from Chloe. Now what could he do to get her back?

Chloe doesn't really want a divorce but she doesn't see any other way to get her husband's attention. Soon after their marriage, he became a workaholic. All his time seemed to be spent at the office which left none for her.

Since he'd been neglectful of Chloe, Merrick offers her a vacation in Hawaii, where they'd honeymooned. She needed to give him one week to convince her he would put their marriage first. If he wasn't successful, he'd let her go for good. But she also must give him complete control during this week.

Chloe wasn't sure if this vacation would bring them back together or completely destroy everything. But she had to try.

Taking Chloe is a wonderful addition to Anne Rainey's Vaughn series. Merrick and Chloe have a genuine love that shows when they touch each other. All marriages take work to keep from falling apart and this is one relationship that deserves a second chance. It is a touching story that hits on real issues. Plus it's hot, hot, hot!


Anne Rainey said...

I'm thrilled you liked it, Barb! And if you think this one is hot, wait until Tempting Grace comes out. lol :-P

Barb said...

You know I like'em hot Anne! Can't wait for Tempting Grace, especially after seeing a little glimpse in Taking Chloe.