Thursday, July 2, 2009

Submission Times Two by Claire Thompson

Submission Times Two by Claire Thompson

Publisher: Romance Unbound

Synopsis --

Ethan and Cam met the year before at an underground BDSM club and their connection was intense and immediate. There was just one small problem--they're both subs. To work around this, they agree to find their own Doms for play, engaging in hot scenes complete with whips and chains, but leaving their hearts at home.
The setup works fine, until the day a hot Dom named Maestro enters the picture. For the first time, Ethan finds himself keeping secrets.
Maestro has secrets of his own. Unrequited passion and sizzling hot D/s lead to the three agreeing to a play scene that ends up ensnaring them all in something more powerful than any of them had dreamed of. Can two subs submit to a man who would claim not only their bodies, but their hearts and minds? Or will the intensity of a D/s ménage break their world apart.

My Review --

Claire Thompson has created three characters who fit together perfectly. Cam and Ethan are in love but both are subs needing a Dom. Not being able to fulfill for each other what they need, they agree to look outside their relationship. Enter Maestro, a Dom Ethan has found himself entranced by. But Maestro is really Andrew, a former geek who had a unrequited crush toward Ethan since high school. Confession leads them all to a connection intense and powerful. One thing I loved between Cam and Ethan is the communication they share, even when faced with the possibility of losing their relationship. You sympathize with Andrew coming into an already developed bond between Cam and Ethan not knowing where it would lead him. Thanks Claire for a thoroughly enjoyable book. You've outdone yourself.

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Claire Thompson said...

Thanks for this terrific review! I really appreciate it and am glad you enjoyed it.
Love, Claire