Saturday, August 29, 2009

Rules of Desire by Leah Brooke

Rules of Desire by Leah Brooke (Desire, Oklahoma series book 4)

Publisher: Siren Publishing

Erin Robinson moved to Desire, Oklahoma to be with her pregnant sister, unprepared for the dynamics of her new home. Menage and Dom/sub relationships prevail in a town where the men protect their women at all costs.

Men had always been more trouble than they were worth. Erin can't imagine trying to put up with any man. Three would be impossible! But the men in Desire are different than any she has ever known. How can she resist men who earn her respect and aren't the least bit intimidated by her temper? When someone tries to kill her, Jared, Duncan and Reese Preston scramble to protect her. At the same time, they're determined to show her just how good having three men in her bed can be.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Tempting Grace by Anne Rainey

Tempting Grace by Anne Rainey (Vaughn series book 4)

ISBN: 978-1-60504-655-6

Publisher: Samhain Publishing

Author's Website

Synopsis --

A hard man is good to find…and impossible to resist.
The Vaughn Series, Book 4
Since a car accident left her unable to have children, Grace Vaughn has hidden her heart behind a wall. So far it’s held strong, and no one complains much—except the few men she dates.
Now that fortress is crumbling thanks to Jackson Hill, an annoyingly attractive man who makes her imagination go wild just watching him in the office. He’s practically bullied her into attending a Vegas conference with him. Three days alone with the delicious Jackson—in Sin City, no less—is sure to push her right over the edge.
With a loving family, a decent bank account, a nice set of clubs, Jackson’s life is almost complete. Except for the missing piece. Grace. She sets a fire in his blood, and the conference is the perfect crowbar to get past her defense mechanisms. It’s time to see if the bump-and-grind potential in that booty of hers can be channeled into something a little more satisfying than looking.
He’s got just the tactic to get her to let down her guard—and hopefully her panties. A wicked bet. Because if there’s one thing he knows about Grace, she can’t resist a double-dog-dare…
Warning: This title contains graphic sex, rope bondage, anal sex, and a deliciously inventive hero who just happens to be really good with knots and doling out spankings.

My Review --

Anne Rainey certainly knows how to push her readers’ sensual buttons. She's weaved a poignant story of love that will ultimately leave you as satisfied, if not more, than the sex scenes do. Grace tries to keep her real feelings hidden so no man will get too close. Just having Jackson near is enough to tear those defenses down that she's erected. Then Jackson dares Grace to travel with him to Sin City and she knows she'll never be able to keep her distance. Jackson thinks he's too old for Grace but his attraction won't let him steer clear of her. Arriving in Las Vegas, they embark on a hot journey of sexual decadence. There was only one problem with this book, it was way too short. Anne, you'll have to write a second epilogue cause I want to see them married and having babies. I know it's a part of the plot that Grace might not be able to but I just know in the end, there's a possibility. Tempting Grace is another wonderful story by the fabulous Anne Rainey.

Monday, August 24, 2009

The Broken H by J L Langley

The Broken H by J L Langley (The Ranch series book 2)

ISBN-10: 1596320486
ISBN-13: 978-1596320482

Publisher: Loose Id

A rocky past that sent Shane fleeing his home and seeking refuge on The Broken H has kept him from the one thing that has always been dear to him.Grayson.Sheriff Grayson Hunter hasn't felt like he belonged for a long time. Once he loved The Broken H, his ancestral home, and Shane Cortez with all that he was. Now he tries to stay as far away from the ranch and the man as possible until an accident brings them together.Gray didn't count on Shane's decision to let go of the past...and get a hold of Gray.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Shoulda Been A Cowboy by Lorelei James

Shoulda Been A Cowboy by Lorelei James (Rough Riders series book 7)

ISBN: 978-1-60504-654-9

The bigger they are, the harder they fall—in love.
Rough Riders, Book 7
Soldier Cameron McKay has found his niche, and it ain’t ropin’ steers and wearin’ spurs. His deputy sheriff job, plus battle injuries that ended his military career, keep him right where he wants to be: Off the ranch and away from his family’s pity. His darkest war memories are on lockdown, leaving him skeptical he’ll ever find a woman who wants a man who’s less than whole.
Domini Katzinski has had to control every aspect of her life since age eleven, when she was orphaned in the Ukraine. Watching others’ relationships crumble has convinced her to focus on the short-term and find a take-charge man to whom she can relinquish total sexual control. Cam fits the bill: gorgeous, with a brooding vulnerability no one else seems to see. Plus, he has his own handcuffs.
Once Cam gets over his surprise that sweet, shy Domini wants to be dominated, he is back to issuing orders. Their passion is as hot as a rocket-propelled grenade—and if Domini has her way, it’s a one-shot deal. Cam wants more, and launches a full-out sensual assault…until tragedy strikes, forcing him to change tactics as he tries to keep past demons from blowing their future together all to hell…
Warning: this book contains down and dirty games of good cop/bad cop,salty language, sweet ‘n hot lovin’, menage a trois, and hooah! a heropackin’ serious heat.

My Review --

Shoulda Been a Cowboy was a book I highly anticipated from the time of learning of Cam's injury in Rough, Raw and Ready. Believe me, it did not disappoint. Cam has learn to live his life to the best of his abilities since returning from war with a handicap. He came home without a leg but he's become self-sufficient and is a deputy for the local sheriff's department.  He's done his best to keep his distance from sweet Domini Katzinski because he's a Dominant man but when he learns she wants a man to control her, he decides it's now time to get close.  Domini has battled a war of her own since she was a child in Ukraine and since breaking away from the organization that brought her to the U.S., she's maintained the power over her life.  All she wants as far as a relationship is a man to control her in the bedroom.  That man is Cam McKay.  What neither realizes is they're meant to be together for the long-haul and they can heal each other wounds.  I cannot say enough about how good this book was.  There were times I laughed and alot of times I cried.  Lorelei James has really outdone herself with Shoulda Been A Cowboy.  The McKay family has a special place in my heart even though they're fictional characters.  I'd love to see the Rough Rider series go on forever.  So looking forward to the next installment in November with All Jacked Up.

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Weekend Hotties

Anybody in the mood for some hot looking men tonight?

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Hump Day Hotties

Don't you wish every day was Hump Day when you get to see gorgeous guys like these?