Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Back at the Ranch by Wendi Darlin

Back at the Ranch by Wendi Darlin (Cowboy Games series book 2)

ISBN: 1-60601-486-2

Publisher:  Siren

We're back at the ranch for more lovin' in this sequel to Wendi Darlin's bestselling erotic romance, Cowboy Games. Garrett plays by the rules, and rule number one is don't screw around with the ranch employees. Clayton is tired of lusting after his boss from afar, and makes a move that leaves them both breathless. This could be the beginning of something big, or the end of his days working at the ranch. Even if Garrett is willing to bend the rules for Clayton, the obstacles in their path are far from removed. Garrett's ex-boyfriend has decided he's not out of the picture, and Clayton's obligations to his family's business are calling him back to Los Angeles. Can these two cowboys overcome everything that stands in their way, or will they lose the "once in a lifetime" they've both been waiting for?

My Review --

The sequel to Cowboy Games, Back at the Ranch revisits the Fantasy Ranch.  We met both Garrett and Clayton in the first book.  Garrett is part owner of the ranch and Clayton is one of the employees.  Garrett, being the no-nonsense type, thinks it's best to steer clear of messing around with one of his employees.  But Clayton has other ideas and backs Garrett in to a corner in more ways than one.  An ex-boyfriend and an overbearing family are obstacles they both need to overcome to find their way to happiness together.  I loved seeing Garrett and Clayton find their way together although I wished there was more to their story.  Wendi Darlin has written a wonderful story of love.


Wendi said...

Thanks so much! I'm glad you enjoyed Clayton and Garrett's story. I loved seeing them get together too. And like you I would have likes their story to be longer. It was originally slated to be part of an anthology and had a word limit. After it was written it was decided that it would be released on it's own. Hopefully, you still had the opportunity to fall in love along with them. :)

Wendi Darlin

Wendi said...

LOL I also would have LIKED their story to be longer (not likes). ;)