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A Jaguar's Kiss by Lora Leigh

A Jaguar's Kiss by Lora Leigh (from the Shifter anthology)(Breeds series book 15)

ISBN: 0425220354

Publisher:  Berkley
Jaguar breed Saban Broussard has a job to do. His assignment? To protect the first teacher chosen to teach breed children. And protecting Natalie Ricci is exactly what he’ll do. With just one kiss and his touch, the mating phenomena begins that will tie her to him forever. Unless her ex-husband manages to get them both killed.

Dawn's Awakening by Lora Leigh

Dawn's Awakening by Lora Leigh (Breeds series book 14)

ISBN: 0425219755

Publisher:  Berkley

The runt of the lab she was created in, Dawn Daniels endured years of torture by her pride brother and the council soldiers. Finally freed from her torment, she’s now a Breed Enforcer, in control of her own life. Until she’s assigned to protect the one man destined to be her mate—and realizes it’s far too easy to lose total control…One of the Breed’s most important supporters, Seth Lawrence has spent years trying to forget Dawn, knowing that her lost innocence has made it impossible for her to get close to anyone. But suddenly neither of them can find the strength to fight the overwhelming passion between them. At least until the most brutal tormenter from Dawn’s past reappears—and threatens to destroy their newfound love, along with their lives…

My Comments --

I absolutely loved this book!  It's a very emotional journey for Dawn!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

In A Wolf's Embrace by Lora Leigh

In A Wolf's Embrace by Lora Leigh (from the Beyond the Dark anthology)(Breeds series book 13)

ISBN: 0425218767

Publisher:  Berkley

Matthias Slaughter and Grace Anderson were meant to mate. To love. Until Grace catches Matthias in the act of assassinating a suspected council scientist. She knew he was dangerous, knew he wasn’t the sort of man she should love. She expected him to kill her as well. She didn’t expect the man he revealed himself to be, or the love she can no longer deny. But there are other forces determined to take Grace from Matthias. Forces that just might succeed in destroying what is left of the man within him.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Aiden's Charity by Lora Leigh

Aiden's Charity by Lora Leigh (Breeds series book 12)

ISBN: 1419954466

Publisher:  Ellora's Cave

The forces of survival and destruction swirl in the darkest corners of men’s minds. The nature of the beast cannot be harnessed, and survival is the purest of all instincts. Survival of the species itself goes soul deep.

But can the human heart accept and adapt as easily? Can Charity bestow the love and the acceptance that has always been a part of her, to the man whose very survival depended on the hardening of his heart, of his soul? And can Aiden maintain that cruelty now, in the face of the sacrifices she made? Only time and nature can tell…

Friday, November 20, 2009

Jacob's Faith by Lora Leigh

Jacob's Faith by Lora Leigh (Breeds series book 11)

ISBN: 1843607484

Publisher:  Ellora's Cave

They are a new breed, a new race. Engineered rather than born, trained rather than raised, and their unique genetics have created more than one surprise…

Jacob left Faith six years before, unaware that the mark he left on her also left her in an agony of sexual heat that never dimmed. Now Jacob and Faith are together again, but surprises lurk around every corner and dangers as dark and deadly as their very creation surround them in more ways than one.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

All Jacked Up by Lorelei James

All Jacked Up by Lorelei James (Rough Riders series book 8)

ISBN: 978-1-60504-684-6

Publisher:  Samhain

Pulling off the ultimate con... if they can keep from pulling off their clothes.

Keely McKay knows Jack—and Jack Donohue is a certified pain in her Wranglers. The lone girl in the prolific McKay family, Keely needs another man giving her orders like she needs a hole in her boot. What she does need is a restoration specialist so she can open her physical therapy clinic—and prove she’s left her wild-child days behind. That means dealing with buttoned-down, uptight Jack.

Jack is this close to securing a career make-or-break project, until he learns his lack of marital status puts him out of contention. When the notoriously hot-tempered and hot-bodied Keely begs him for help, he proposes a crazy idea. He’ll oversee her project—if she acts the part of his loving fiancée.

Their sizzling lust makes it all too easy to go from butting heads to knocking boots—but outside the bedroom they’re as mismatched as ever. The McKays remind Jack of the humble upbringing he left behind, and cowgirl Keely feels she doesn’t measure up to Jack’s big-city lifestyle.

When the dust settles, Jack and Keely must face the fact they’re not fooling anyone but themselves—or they’ll risk losing the real deal.

Warning: this book contains one hot-blooded cowgirl and one cool-headed businessman in a stripped-down, revved-up game of sexual truth or dare.

My Review --

All Jacked Up is the eighth book in the Rough Rider series by Lorelei James.  And I have to say, I think it's the best by far.  Keely McKay, the original wild child of the McKay family, is out to shed those wild child ways.  Enter businessman Jack Donahue, her brother's best friend and her nemesis for years.  With something to gain from both their perspectives, they strike a bargain and enter into a fake engagement.  They just didn't realize what it would cost them in the long run.   Lorelei does an outstanding job of turning two people who hate each other into two people who love each other.  Thank you Lorelei for giving us Keely and Jack and their wonderful story; one of the best books I've read in 2009.

Special Guest Author Blake Deveraux

Today's special guest is m/m author Blake Deveraux, who's new book Dangerous Liaisons releases today.

Welcome Blake and thank so very much for agreeing to the interview.

Thank you for the opportunity. To my friends, of course I’m just Blake, but for the benefit of the fortunate few that have avoided my company... The formal introduction is Blake Deveraux. I write books, primarily in the m/m erotic romance genre.

Can you tell us the journey from concept of your Men of Danger series to getting published?

Well, as badly as I hate to admit it, it was kind of a bet. I was waiting for a flight; I was reading a friend of mine’s book over her shoulder. I laughed out loud at what I thought was the laughable storyline in the book. I commented that I could write a more interesting storyline than that insipid drivel. She said, I know you can, but you won’t. So.... my best friend as a child made the comment once, “Don’t dare Blake if you don’t want it done.” And so, Dangerous Obsessions was born. Of course when I began writing the book, it was a journey of self discovery and occasionally tears.

Which author(s) inspire you and why?

Well, I’ve always been intrigued by Edgar Allen Poe for one. His ability to bring raw emotion to the page in a very simple way is truly legend. Of course being certifiably insane probably didn’t hurt…. (Did I hear someone call my name?). Margaret Mitchell, because of her ability to transport you to another place and time, and so accurately describe the scene that you can smell the lilacs. Finally I adore Carol Lynne, a contemporary m/m erotic novelist. She has done a lot to dispel the myth that gay men are necessarily self involved, simplistic creatures with nothing but abs and asses. Ok, well… like abs and ass are very nice, but there’s a lot more to life, at least that’s what I’m told ***winking***.

Do you have a favorite book and if so, what was your favorite scene?

Gone with the Wind. Hand’s down. Of course I kind of think Scarlett O’Hara is a gay man, Margaret just didn’t think it’d sell. For one, I think that obsession with the one man on EARTH that she COULDN’T have…. It’s SO very gay… I’m not sure why but guys tend to want the one person on earth that wouldn’t pee on them if they were on fire… (or is that just me LOL)? Anyhow, I love the scene where she’s out on the farm and she picks up a turnip, “As God as my witness, I’ll never be hungry again.” That’s a woman with a mission. I’ve been hungry. It’s not fun. Don’t intend to find myself there again if I can help it.

What book/s are you reading right now?

I’m reading a wonderful book by Faith Bicknell Brown “Conspiracy of Angels.” I can hear the gasps now… I honestly rarely read books from my genre, for one, lack of time, and two, I don’t like to compare my writing to others since, honestly I’d probably quit writing. Self esteem isn’t necessarily high on my list of attributes.

If you could choose one author to co-write a book with, who would it be?

Hmmm. Edgar Allen Poe… Wait, he’s dead. Probably Carol Lynne, since as I’ve said, I think she’s an amazing author.

Did you have any research done for the erotic part in your novels?

(****Blake looks around the room innocently****) Oh, you were asking me? I’m as innocent as a school girl… oops I’ve heard they aren’t too innocent either. All joking aside, I did ask some friends for advice on the whole S&M / BDSM aspect of the original novel Dangerous Obsessions, since for me that was a little outside my personal line of experience, but wanted to be as authentic as possible. Honestly my personal experiences with that sort of thing weren’t positive, so I didn’t want to be unfair basically.

What do you think makes a good erotic romance story?

A good book in general rises and falls with good character development. If you aren’t engaged with the characters, you won’t enjoy the story.

What is your work schedule like when you're writing?

Writers are an odd bunch. What works for one person would drive another insane. I own a restaurant, so time is a precious commodity. My work day usually consists of about 12 to 14 hours. So, most of my writing is done in my head. My characters are always chatting, moving about, and yeah, having sex in my head. SO, I’m sure while I’m dealing with Susie Q. Public she’d be shocked to know there were guys humping like madmen in my head. Finally when I shower, get comfy and sit down at 1 or 2am, I’ll write until I get what is in my head down. I guess it’s one time when having ADD is a good thing… ****Ohhh, shiny object….*** did you say something?

What was one of the most surprising things you learned in creating your books?

That in an odd way, my characters have a mind of their own. They don’t always want to do what I direct them to do. Sometimes I have a clear plan, and they simply dig in their heels, and refuse to have sex or even talk, until I fix what the perceived slight is. Ohhh, I just heard my psychology professor discussing schizophrenia, Wait a second, hearing voices, that’s a sign… Maybe we should move on …

How do you satisfy your muse when things get rough during writing a book?

Honestly, I write exactly as it is in my head. Of course that makes for MARATHON editing sessions, but frankly, once my characters have cooperated and the storyline is done in my head, it’s a matter of getting it down for the world to read. So really for me, most of the writing process is done before the first word is typed. Having said that, if I’m stressed, I don’t write, period. For me it’s a dangerous thing to do so. If I write while feeling depressed or stressed, I find myself wanting to delete massive sections of the book so , at my editor’s request, I avoid that… LOL…

How has your environment/upbringing colored your writing?

First and foremost, I am a southern gentleman. I think that is fairly evident in my writing. For me, formality is important, manners are important, and tradition is important. I’ve made it a part of my writing that even though a lot of people, including gay people don’t necessarily advocate gay marriage, I do. I feel like it’s an important part of being happy. Being committed to another person, and to God. That’d probably be the other thing, is that I’m a very spiritual guy. I have encountered many folks who thing that perhaps my stance on homosexuality and my Christianity should be at odds with each other. I don’t, obviously. Without getting on a soapbox, much of what people presume is the “anti-gay” scriptures are simply ignorance of both the text and the spirit in which it was given. I’ll get off my soap box now, LOL… I do think that my strong spiritual beliefs influence my writing since there is an underlying optimism, even when there seems to be no rational reasoning behind it. That’s kind of what I feel is the basis of our personal relationship with God, the ability to have faith, especially when things seem at their darkest.

What do you like to do when you're not writing?

Uhhhmmmm… that’s a loaded question. Well I’ll be good. I enjoy working on my house. I have a 100 year old Victorian that’s perpetually in need of help. In addition, I enjoy the piano, and I sing locally.

Before we say goodbye, could you tell us about your upcoming release and maybe give us an excerpt.

My new book is the follow up book to Dangerous Obsessions. It is called “Dangerous Liaisons” I’m very excited about the release. For one it has my FAVORITE eye candy on the cover, Julian Fantechi. Honestly he is on the cover because he is my character “Daniel” He exemplifies the intensity, beauty and mysterious testosterone driven lusty… (oooh, is it getting hot in here?) What was I talking about?... oh yeah Daniel. I truly didn’t know Julian when I wrote the book, but he is the embodiment of the character. Now for a little teaser!

Dangerous Liaisons

Blurb --

Why would a happy couple risk everything when they have just begun to find happiness?

Daniel Deveraux and Brandon Matthews have just bought a new home. They have spent months working on their relationship. Things are finally going their way.

After loosing a close friend, Brandon befriends a handsome young mover, Charles. Daniel and Brandon take the handsome man into their home to help protect him from his abusive father.

Charles, confused about his life and his sexuality finds himself wildly attracted to the two men. Unwilling to risk his friendship with Brandon, instead he finds himself in an endless cycle of failed relationships.

Will Daniel and Brandon allow the handsome man that has already found his way into their hearts, into their bed?

Excerpt --

Daniel watched Brandon head toward the door, smiling as he prepared to leave. Brandon quickly ran back upstairs, kissing Daniel. "Sorry, baby, I about forgot, Love you. See ya later okay?"

"Of course. I have to have lunch with mom today. She's flying in. Would you like to meet her later?"
"Are you sure you want her to meet me?" Brandon frowned.

"Baby, I'm proud of you, of the man you are. You are amazing, why wouldn't I want her to meet you?" Daniel smiled, patting Brandon on the ass.

"Well that, for starters." Brandon nodded at his friendly gesture. "She's not exactly wild about you living with a man."

"She's just old. She's just set in her ways, but she loves me and I know she'll love you. We've talked about you many times. You've talked with her several times on the phone. I think it's time you two meet. It has been nearly two years, Brandon." Daniel smiled.

"I've got to go." Brandon kissed him again. He left in a flourish.

Daniel watched Brandon and Charles climb into the new black S.U.V. Daniel was relieved that they'd decided to make the threesome experience a pleasant memory, one not to be repeated. Charles was far too sweet a guy to be hurt by what Daniel knew could be a disastrous situation. He deserved more. They all did.

Walking toward the kitchen, Daniel picked up the ringing phone. "Yes mother,"

A fragile sounding, yet forceful voice with a deep Southern drawl replied, "That's some way to answer the phone!"

"I have caller ID. I'll be at the airport when your plane lands." Daniel snapped, playfully.

"I'm in a limo, on my way there now."

"How the hell?" Daniel shouted.

"Language, young man!" His mother said crossly.

"You weren't supposed to land for an hour."

"Brandon arranged for a cute little plane to pick me up early. I felt like a queen. There was a limo waiting at my house and one at the airport at the runway. That was way too much. I had no idea there would be a limo when he told me to expect to get picked up."

Daniel stood dumbfounded, slack jawed. "Brandon did all that?"

"He seems like a sweet boy, Daniel. You could do worse for a friend. I'm so glad you two are rooming together."

"Mother, you know Brandon is more than my friend." Daniel said impatiently.

"Don't be fresh. I'll be there in a few minutes. Don't keep an old woman waiting, young man."

Daniel heard a curt click as she ended the abbreviated call. She always knew how to get around him. It infuriated him at times, the way she seemed to be able to avoid the obvious.
He'd made no secret of his feelings for Brandon, but since his father's death earlier that year, he'd been more active in discussing his relationship with his mother. His father loved him, he knew, but he also knew that his father refused to accept his homosexuality as a fact. His mother had accepted him. However, she’d never truly acknowledged the reality of the situation, that he'd never have the "American dream" she'd hoped for him; the wife, the kids and two point three kids.

He sighed as he sipped his morning coffee. He heard the large stretch limo pull up into the drive. He walked to the door, looking himself over, he realized, he probably should have dressed more appropriately. His jeans and polo shirt seemed a little casual for the occasion.

His mother exemplified style and grace, a true Southern belle. She still believed in dressing for dinner. She believed that there was nothing more obscene than rudeness. She also believed that men should be men, and women should be women. Daniel knew his lifestyle was a direct affront to his mother's traditional Southern upbringing. The only saving grace, perhaps, he knew his mother loved him. There was never a doubt about that.

Chloe Deveraux, stepped regally out of the limousine, her aged hand held by the tall, muscular, driver that looked as if he were a cross between a romance novel super hero and a Dallas Cowboy's linebacker. Brandon had gone out of his way to make this an enjoyable trip for his mother. Daniel smiled.

"Thank you, Brent." The attractive older woman smiled at the handsome driver.

"Thank you, Mrs. Deveraux. I've enjoyed the conversation."

"That's Ms. Deveraux and I’ve enjoyed the view."

"Mother!" Daniel gaped, shocked at his mother's forwardness.
"What? He knows he's a slice of heaven. I'm just letting him know I'm old, but I’m not dead yet."

The handsome driver's face reddened at the comment. He silently stood waiting for further instructions, as Daniel helped his mother out of the car.

"Come in, Mother." Daniel said, placing a twenty dollar bill in the driver’s palm.

"Thank you, again." Chloe smiled as Daniel closed the door behind her. "MMMmmmm."

"Mother, really is that necessary?" Daniel smiled painfully.

"Actually, yes, it is. Your father has been gone for some time, and at my age, it’s nice to enjoy at least looking."

"Touché" Daniel smiled.

The pair walked together, the older woman, clad in an obscenely overdone fur coat, her long manicured nails wrapped around Daniel's substantial arm. He looked down at her hand and noticed amongst the many rings; one ring was specifically absent, her diamond wedding band. A magnificent piece of jewelry, Daniel didn’t remember having seen her without it. It had been past down in her family for years. Daniel thought out loud, "I really miss dad."

"I do, too." His mother patted his arm as she sat down at the kitchen table.

Daniel walked to the counter, and poured himself another cup of coffee. "Care for some?"

"No, but thank you."

Dangerous Liaisons is available beginning today at Red Rose Publishing.  Purchase here.

Blake's website.
To join Blake's yahoo group, click here.

Thanks for being here today Blake.  Dangerous Liaisons is gonna be an awesome read.  It's predecessor sure was.  Also, Blake is giving a copy of both Dangerous Liaisons and Dangerous Obsessions to two lucky readers if they email him at with WHY they need free books :).  Also, don't forget to leave a comment here to let me know how much you enjoyed Blake's appearance.

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Arm Candy by Carol Lynne

Arm Candy by Carol Lynne (Cattle Valley series book 14)

ISBN #978-1-907280-15-3

Publisher:  Total E-Bound

Asa Montgomery is a hard man to figure out. He's got millions of dollars in the bank, a host of men vying for his bed and he's still miserable.

When a tragedy leaves him broken and battered, Asa quickly finds out who his real friends are. Left alone with only his household staff to nurse him back to health, Asa realizes he wants more than just a pretty man to adorn his bedroom.

Mario Benta was fooled by a rich man in the past. They may say you're the only one for them, but what they really mean is, you're the only one until something younger and sexier comes along.

Despite Mario's growing attraction to Asa, he'll be damned if he'll allow himself to be another man's arm candy.

When Asa sets out to change Mario's mind, he'll discover it takes more than money to gain the heart of the ex-Army Ranger.

My Review --
Another great addition to the Cattle Valley series.  It's so nice to visit with old friends along with reading the love story of Mario and Asa.  It was shocking to learn of Mario's upbringing with his gold-digger mother.  Thankfully Asa was able to break through Mario's defenses and Mario was there to help Asa recover to his fullest.  Look forward to the next installment.  I know it's going to be outstanding.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Wolf's Hope by Lora Leigh

Wolf's Hope by Lora Leigh (from the Primal Heat anthology)(Breed series book 10)

ISBN: 1-84360-323-3

Publisher:  Ellora's Cave

Hope believed Wolfe was dead, but he was only waiting for the right time to claim her. The scientist who created him, Hope’s mother, has forced his hand. She wants her creation back, and she wants any children he may breed on her daughter.

He is a man whose DNA was altered, infused with the genetic code of the wolf. His unique genetic makeup has created a male unlike any other and will make itself known in the most surprising ways. Now Hope must convince her mate she hasn’t betrayed him, and they must defeat the plans of a scientist gone mad.

Tanner's Scheme by Lora Leigh

Tanner's Scheme by Lora Leigh (Breeds series book 9)

ISBN: 0425216616

Publisher:  Berkley

A sexy paranormal series set in a world where genetically altered Breeds and the humans who created them sometimes come together in the fiercest of passions.After the Feline Breeds’ main base is attacked, Tanner desires revenge. So he kidnaps Scheme Tallant-the daughter of a one-time high-ranking member of the Genetics Council. But when Tanner discovers that Scheme herself is a target of her father’s ruthless mission, his vengeance takes a back seat to saving the life of the woman he hopes to claim as his mate.

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Sex Camp by Natalie Acres

Sex Camp by Natalie Acres (Cowboy Sex series book 3)

Publisher:  Siren

Trixie Cartwell likes to turn a few heads. She's out of control and her family knows it. When Kane Cartwell decides he's had enough, he sends his daughter to summer camp to work off her excess energy for a few months. What he doesn't bargain for are several cowboys ready to occupy her every waking hour while she's away.

Camp counselors and die-hard cowboys, Mitch, Brock, and Rory have several ways to keep the young Miss Cartwell extremely busy in a rustic summer camp. And they aren't the only ones with wild and wicked ideas.

When Trixie returns home, her fathers are less than thrilled about her decision to take on a few cowboys for a lifetime. That is until Rory, Brock, and Mitch prove themselves worthy of Trixie Cartwell's love by protecting her from a threatening man from her mother's past.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Harmony's Way by Lora Leigh

Harmony's Way by Lora Leigh (Breeds series book 8)

ISBN: 0425213056

Publisher:  Berkley
Sink your fangs into Lora Leigh’s series about genetically-altered humans with feline DNA. When the Breeds desire the passions of the flesh, they can’t help but get frisky…

Harmony Lancaster is of the Lion breed, created to be a huntress with a thirst to kill. But the way she seeks justice outside of the law makes her a liability to her own kind. Yet she also possesses information that they need on the existence of the First Leo - who holds the precious secrets of desire.

To save her life, Harmony is paired with Sheriff Lance Jacobs, who tries to tame the killer within her, while protecting the gentle woman he longs to possess. But a dangerous cult leader, bent on destroying the Breeds, could change the way Lance looks at Harmony forever…