Friday, January 1, 2010

It Takes a Thief Or Two by Sherrill Quinn

It Takes a Thief Or Two by Sherrill Quinn

ISBN: 9781602721692

Publisher:  Amber Heat

Brock and Nick Phillips are security experts with a problem--their bond as twins enables them to feel what the other feels, even physical sensations. They've always known they'd have to share the same woman, and the woman they want is Jessica Norton.

Jessie has wanted the twins for years but doesn't think she can have both of them. When her grandmother arranges for the men to come to the house to set up a new security system, they seize the opportunity to prove Jessie wrong. She can have both of them and, if they're lucky, they'll steal her heart.

With an encouraging grandma and the approving ghost of her grandfather, luck just might be on their side.

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